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The EAS Body-for-LIFE Challenge is a 12-week programme of focused nutrition and exercise that is designed to help people lose body fat, gain lean muscle tone, significantly improve fitness and restore healthy eating habits for life.

Every year dramatic physical and mental transformations take place. Men and women set out to achieve their goals – and often surpass them.

Sports nutrition company EAS chooses winners in three age categories for men and women. NEW this year is a couples category and also, for the first time, EAS has awarded a Special Award to a young lady…. From the category winners, EAS chooses an overall men’s and women’s champion and then an overall champion from these two.

The EAS Body-for-LIFE Awards Winners 2007 are as follows. Full detailed releases about each individual’s Challenge, how they did it, how they felt and how they are now are available on request.

Women’s 18-30 Age Category Winner

Anne Towns, 26, Business Development Manager from Clapham

She went from 9st 7lbs to 8st 3lbs and dropped her body fat from 25% to 16%
Her story: Anne had come to a crossroads in her life after a string of misfortune left her feeling desperate. After leaving her fiancée, Anne found herself sleeping on a friend’s floor and unemployed. She began comfort eating whilst drinking heavily. Anne soon realised she needed to change her world. The Body-for-Life challenge with its emphasis on fitness and nutrition gave her the focus to rebuild her life and body together.
Anne says: “I wanted to remake my life; have some direction and focus. I needed the energy and control back – if you have energy, control of your body and health then everything else flows.”

Women’s 30-40 Age Category Winner and Women’s EAS Body-for-LIFE Women’s Champion
Sara Khankashi-Pour, 31, Nurse living in Limerick

She went from 9st 6lbs to 8st 10lbs and dropped her body fat from 25.5% to 17.5%
Her story: Sara has always suffered the highs and lows of being an emotional eater. She had just moved to Ireland and was homesick. She was without friends or a focus when she decided to take up the Body-for-LIFE challenge in a bid to improve her fitness and confidence.
Sara says: “Body-for-LIFE has had such a huge effect on me. I love my new body and I am so proud of what I have managed to achieve over the 12 weeks. I have stopped letting food control me. My confidence has soared and I have seen positive changes in all areas of my life. I am now happier and less homesick.”

Women’s 40+ Age Category Winner
Chrys Edwards, 45, Customer Services Manager from Luton

She went from 12st 5lbs to 11st 1lb and dropped her body fat from 29.5% to 24.6%
Her story: Chrys had fallen into the familiar trap of working long hours and not finding time to exercise properly. She also had the added responsibility of looking after her elderly Mother in the evening. So the only way she could make a lasting difference and gain that strong lean body she craved was to take up the Challenge, set some achievable goals and seek help from her family. The structured plan ensured that Body-for-LIFE would not be added to her list of unfinished projects!
Chrys says: “I was determined to see the 12 week programme out – I almost wanted to prove the challenge didn’t work! When you read about the ‘mind’ side of BFL you don’t believe it but I can tell you it does give a confidence boost. You get out what you put in. I’m totally convinced that BFL works.”

Special Award Winner
Rachel McClure, 22, student from Ballymena

She went from 6st 9lbs UP to 8st 1lb and raised her body from 5% to 11.2%.
Her story: Rachel from Antrim in Northern Ireland was a stressed student studying hard for her Degree in Music, whilst working as a waitress six days a week. These factors meant that she was losing weight, strength and energy fast. Rachel faced a stark choice, end up in hospital or take up the Challenge - she chose the latter. Rachel was trying to achieve the exact opposite to most people – to gain weight and body fat, tone and strength. She had to overcome physical and mental stress, extreme weight loss and the workload from her final exams. In recognition of her inspiring story Rachel received the EAS Body-For-LIFE Special Award.
Rachel says: “I have a whole new perspective now – it’s made me look at things differently. If you don’t have your health you have nothing. No energy, no motivation. Nothing.”

Men’s 18-30 Age Category Winner
Jonathan Getty, 25, Sales Consultant from Derry

He went from 13st 1lbs to 11st 6lbs and dropped his body fat from 24% to 5.5%

His story: Jonny is a good motivator of others in the gym where he works but found it tough to practice what he preached. He needed to be pushed so under the guidance of personal trainer Ian Doherty (who won the EAS Body-for-LIFE Men’s Champion Award in 2005), he embarked on the programme. He loved the structure and the final goal. He had previously dabbled in different areas of fitness but did not know what he wanted to achieve or have anything to aim for. With Body-for-LIFE he did have a target and he’s a prime example of what can be done. He’s now working towards natural body building competitions in Ireland this year.
Jonny says: “My energy has increased and I am more driven in my professional life. I feel I can achieve anything and my philosophy to my clients is – don’t just dream it, live it!”

Men’s 30-40 Age Category Winner,
Men’s Champion and Overall EAS Body-for-LIFE Champion 2007
Nick Montgomery, 33, Painter/Decorator from Lincoln

He went from 14st 10lbs to 12st 9lbs and dropped his body fat from 20% to 10%
His story: Nick had been a keen rugby player and used to work out regularly. He wanted to get back into shape but lacked focus or commitment. His girlfriend then bought him the Body-for-LIFE book and that put him back on track. He set his mind to visualising what he would look like after the programme while using the book as a constant reference manual. Nick’s master stroke was to replace his car with a mountain bike to use for all his journeys. Sometimes this could mean cycling 20 miles in a day - not surprisingly this benefited his training.

Nick says: “Keeping with the challenge from start to finish has made me realise that if I really want something all I have to do is set goals, stick to them and I can make the dream a reality. Physically I have never felt better. My energy levels are limitless, plus my self esteem and confidence have improved dramatically.”

Men’s 40+ Age Category Winner
Michael Watton, 45, fire officer from Southend on Sea, Essex

Went from 12st 5lbs to 11st 8lbs and dropped his body fat from 21.2% to 14.1%
His story: In January 2007 with a broken marriage and clinical depression Mick was at the lowest point of this life. Whilst sitting at a crisis assessment centre and taking 40mg daily of anti-depressants, he suddenly realised he had to sort himself out. He thought the idea of following the focused 12-week fitness and nutrition Body-for-LIFE programme could be his ticket out of depression, poor fitness and low self esteem. How right he was.

Mick says: “BFL has completely changed my life. Last January I was suicidal, it was that bad. I was clinically depressed. When I started the BFL Challenge I chose to reduce the anti depressants by 10mg each six weeks with my GP’s guidance. I kept with that until I came off them in January this year. I’m 100% sold on BFL.”

Couples Winners
Sonja and Samuel Falvo from Friern Barnet, London

Samuel, 43, Operations Manager went from 12st 4lbs to 11st 11lbs
Sonja, 36, Fitness Development Manager went from 10st 8lbs to 9st 8lbs
Her story: Sonja was a successful personal trainer in her native Brisbane, Australia. She was proud of her body and achievements but, after time, her work in the corporate arena of management and coaching led to her losing sight of her own training. She moved to London for family reasons and continued her work as a fitness manager. While researching a nutritional programme to pilot at Fitness First she learned about Body-for-LIFE. Reading about this coincided with her taking a body fat test. Sonja was in for a shock: she was, quite clearly, far from in good shape. She had a few mental and physical hurdles to overcome before she took on the 12-week exercise and nutrition regime. Four years ago an injury was diagnosed as a crush fracture in the spine and Sonja learned she had borderline osteoporosis.

Sonja says: “I am on top of the world now! I feel so fantastic, so energetic and confident that I can achieve anything. I have regained my integrity and my health is once more my number one priority.”

By training together Sonja and Samuel found the experience has made their marriage stronger than ever. “By deciding to accept the Body-for-LIFE Challenge and sticking to it from start to finish, we found it was as much about the journey and not giving up as it was about the end result.”

His story: When Sonja was researching BFL and decided to do it, Samuel decided to show both moral and practical support. He had long working hours and fitness was pretty far down his list of priorities. However, after watching the Body-for-LIFE DVD with Sonja, he decided to put it to the test alongside her. That sounds straightforward, but when you’re working the hours he did and are a self-confessed ‘Burger King Kid’ – often not eating all day before indulging in fast food including pizza and kebabs – a whole change of lifestyle was called for.

Samuel says: “I find a lot of people make excuses as to why they’re overweight, not exercising, not taking care of themselves. Well I say to them – you’ve got two hands and two feet - you can change things. BFL brought a lot of attention to our combined bad habits. So we have changed two sets of bad habits into two sets of good ones.”

For more detailed information on any of the above winners, to see their ‘before and after’ transformation pictures or to interview them, contact:

Katherine Selby, PR Workshop, 0208 657 4422

About Body-for-LIFE

The EAS Body-for-LIFE 12 week programme involves short workouts six days a week, alternating between 45-minute weight training workouts one day and 20-minute cardiovascular sessions the next. The intensity of the sessions is high to ensure that participants can suitably fatigue their body and ‘overload’ their muscles, therefore ensuring impressive results. The dietary plan involves eating five to six small meals a day to provide energy for the intensive workouts and sufficient nutrients for adequate recovery.

The EAS Body-for-LIFE Challenge is open to men and women of all ages, even those new to exercise. People keen to change their body shape and boost their energy levels, while not having to worry about counting calories, will find it rewarding and even life transforming.

Participants can enter in a range of categories, including male and female aged 18-30, 31-40 and 40 plus, by submitting ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs. A winner is selected in each category and then overall winners are chosen in male and female categories.

For more information on the Body-for-LIFE Challenge call 0870 350 2352 or visit

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