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A wedding dress is one of the most treasured of all possessions – full of irreplaceable memories, selected with great thought and care and worn with pride. After the wedding, the importance of storing the dress to protect and preserve – perhaps for use by a daughter or granddaughter – is little understood. A new video ‘How to Store Your Wedding Dress’ addresses this issue.

Produced by the Memories and Nostalgia Collection, the video clearly shows how to prepare the dress for storage, how to fold the dress to protect it from damage and where the storage box should be kept to ensure long-term preservation. The procedure for storing a wedding dress could equally apply to many other delicate garments and accessories. As a manufacturer and supplier of acid-free archival materials to leading museums and textile conservators, Memories and Nostalgia Collection have vast experience in the long-term protective storage needs of textiles.

“In a throw-a-way age, where many garments are simply discarded or fall apart after a few months wear, the wedding dress is an icon of all that is worth preserving. The personal memories they evoke, the joy in showing a dress to children and grandchildren and the time capsule of fashion they represent, makes careful storage essential,” commented David Waterman, managing director of the Memories and Nostalgia Collection.

The short video is available to watch online at or can be found at “There is no charge or registration required for people to download and share the video. Other web site owners in related fields, such as dry cleaning, wedding dress retail and publishing are welcome to host the video or link to it as content. We are even considering making it available on CD/DVD,” concluded David.

‘How to Store Your Wedding Dress’ clearly explains the issues around packing a wedding dress and the way to look after it once packed. It puts over the information in a simple and practical way for people to follow.

More Information:

David Waterman, Director, Memories and Nostalgia Collection, Tel. +44 (0)207 7902394
I Waterman (Box Makers) Ltd, Assembly Passage London E1 4UT
E-mail: Web:

A full feature article on wedding dress preservation is available on request.

Video link:

High res image can be downloaded from:

Additional Notes

More information on the ‘Care and Conservation of Costume and Textiles’ is available on the Institute of Conservation (ICON) web site, the Conservation Register:

David’s tips for preserving wedding dresses include:

* Keep all labels that come with the wedding dress. Ensure the wedding dress is professionally cleaned before storing – give the labels to the cleaning service to ensure they have all the information they need.
* Avoid unnecessary handling.
* If you are going to show off the dress, ensure your hands are clean. Wear fine cotton gloves and avoid contact with jewellery or items that may snag the fabric. Find a clean area to layout the dress.
* Use a box made from acid free materials. Pack the dress in a suitably sized box to avoid excessive folding.
* Use plenty of acid free tissue paper between the folds and around the dress.
* Remove any dust carefully before storing and keep the box and contents as clean as possible.
* Store your box in a dark place at around 13-18 degrees C with a relative humidity of less than 50 percent. To put it simply, don’t store your wedding dress box near a tumble drier, in the garage, unheated loft space or anywhere you suspect dampness exists.
* Store the box in a room where air can circulate freely.
* Store the box in a pest-free, insect-free area.
* Occasionally unpack your wedding dress to check and to reduce the risk of permanent creasing. Carefully repack if all is OK; otherwise seek advice from a professional textile conservator if needed.

The Wedding Dress Box is made from a special archival quality and acid-free board material that is used in all Memories and Nostalgia conservation products. This is the same material the company supplies to many of the UK’s leading museums and archives and it has been extensively and rigorously tested to meet international conservation standards. The Wedding Dress Box will keep wedding dresses professionally stored and help reduce decay for generations as long as the box itself is stored carefully. Leading British museums and archives have recognised the need to use the highest quality, acid-free storage boxes for decades, which is why they use exactly the same materials from exactly the same company – I. Waterman (Box Makers) Ltd, makers of fine boxes since 1897.

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