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We all saw the headlines last week - “Vitamins are Dangerous” and “Vitamins may Shorten Lifespan”


We would have to eat 4 carrots today to obtain the same amount of magnesium as we did from one carrot 25 years ago!

Whats the answer? 100% natural, whole food supplements

Putting aside the fact that the Cochrane Review has come under a huge amount of criticism for its methodology and interpretation of results; for the consumer, 100% natural health supplements offer a simple solution in these confusing times.

Seventh Wave Supplements are leading the way in the UK with a refusal to stock synthetic supplements in favour of a range that is the most natural and effective way to supplement the diet.

And what’s more, as one of literally a handful of companies worldwide who are 100% additive free; finally, the question “what exactly is the best way to supplement my diet” has become far easier to answer.

So what exactly are these exciting natural supplements?

The term “broad spectrum” has been in wide use in the medical profession for many years. Broad spectrum antibiotics were seen as a revolution for health care, as they have activity against a wide range of bacteria. In the supplements industry, broad spectrum supplements and nutrition are literally a revolution. They have an even more important role to fill in light of the ever increasing demands that modern living places on the body. They posses a huge array of nutrients in a form that the body recognises and readily absorbs. They are incredibly complex, yet perfectly balanced and bioavailable.

Most supplements are far from “natural”. They are synthetic replicas of nature. Whilst the atoms and molecules may look the same on paper, they are the chemical forms of a substance, and have lost their natural complexity. Whilst for some people with specific nutritional needs, they may have a useful role to play; for most people, topping up their “5 a day” with a 100% natural, whole food, food state supplement is a far more sensible choice.

Broad Spectrum Nutritional Supplements are Natural Multivitamins, naturally rich in antioxidants but so much more. They provide a broad range of vitamins, minerals (naturally chelated), trace elements, micro nutrients, amino acids, polysaccharides, essential fatty acids, nucleic acids, sterols, carbohydrates, fats, protein and fibre. All of these nutrients are perfectly balanced and work in synergy to create a potent source of nutrition that cannot be matched by synthetic supplements.

And being additive free, all of these nutrients are absorbed effectively in the correct part of the Digestive Tract.

The most popular Broad Spectrum Supplements in the range include Barley Grass Juice Powder, Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, Zell Oxygen Plus, Supergreen Probiotic and Wild Flower Bee Pollen

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