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Longevity, It's not a fountain after all...Reverse Aging Now!

Solgar Vitamin & Herb, exclusive new launch of: AC-11

DNA repair for effective age management

Solgar AC-11 is a proprietary extract from the rainforest botanical plant, Uncaria tomentosa. It is perhaps the single most proactive means of promoting the body's own natural DNA care mechanisms and in clinical studies has been shown to increase the body's ability to repair DNA.

Uncaria tomentosa, a vine that grows among the teeming, exotic plethora of botanical species found in the Amazon. More commonly known to the locals as "Uña de Gato" or "Cat's Claw," its outer bark contains a powerful, natural activator of DNA repair, critical to cellular health and vital to longevity.

The benefits of Uncaria tomentosa almost make it sound like a cure all. It helps keep the immune system working properly. It helps prevent cellular damage, and damage to DNA. While much of the action of Uncaria tomentosa takes place deep inside the cells of the body, it also works to positively affect the outward, visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and sun spots - conditions linked to the aging process in which the body produces imperfect DNA.

What is the connection between DNA and aging?

Put simply, DNA is our genetic code or the "blueprint" that we inherit from our parents. When we are born, our genetic code, or DNA, is virtually pristine. Every cell in our body is formed based on our DNA, and each cell becomes a holder of our entire genetic blueprint. As we grow and age, our bodies and our DNA are constantly bombarded by things in the environment that can damage our DNA. A good example is the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun ultimately damages our skin cells (and their DNA) and results in wrinkles or worse. In fact, any damage to our DNA ultimately becomes the cause of the negative effects we associate with aging. This damage can also manifest itself as the cause of various ailments we encounter throughout our lifetimes.

If the body can't produce clean copies of our DNA, our health and longevity will be directly affected. The key to optimal health, therefore, is to keep our DNA clean and healthy and producing "clean" copies. We do this by helping our bodies neutralize excess free radicals, and at the same time, strengthen and nourish our cells and their DNA.

Solgar’s AC-11 can best be thought of as the catalyst that sets DNA repair in motion. It then continues its favorable age management action by helping to protect your DNA from future damage.

What will Solgar AC-11 do for me?

The major attribute of AC-11 relates to its effect on DNA repair, so it will be useful in many of the same situations as antioxidants. It is also anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing, so possible uses include:

• Anti-ageing/rejuvenation

• Supports cellular skin health, and regeneration

• Recovery from injury and enhancing healing

• Immune system support (e.g. frequent colds/infections)

• Inflammatory conditions

• Auto-immune conditions, which often involve the immune system and have an inflammatory element, such as arthritis

• Family history of age related disease

Find out more about Solgar's AC-11 - receive your sample & exclusive book - REVERSE AGING, by internationally acclaimed author and consultant Marcia Zimmerman C.N

Solgar AC-11 vegetarian capsules RRP: £28.69 for two months supply. Available from independent health foods stores and selected pharmacies nationwide.

Exclusive case studies are also available. Please ask for contact details for health features.

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