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APRIL 29th 2008


Our staple diet could become the new tool in the fight against ill health. That’s what recent research is leading us to believe, and whilst food is the best medicine, over stocking the larder can turn good health to ill health in the form of food intolerance.

Foods such as tomato and chocolate can be top ingredients in the fight against sunburn, wrinkles and diabetes but as a diet plan it could trigger the symptoms of food intolerance which results in bloating, headache, fatigue or bad skin. Testing experts,, admit that over eating tomato, chocolate or any food, rather than do any good, could in fact do harm. We all accept the vitamin laden qualities of certain foods but to eat nothing else or overdoing the consumption is in itself a recipe for ill health.

Shelley Anne Berry from the Isle of Man had sneezed for as long as she could remember but after taking a test, she discovered food intolerance to chocolate. After speaking with a YorkTest nutritionist and implementing a new diet she not only went chocolate free but also sneeze free. spokesperson, Les Rowley, says:

“Every week there will be people discovering they have food intolerance to either chocolate or tomato. The message sent out by the press that by eating more will prevent wrinkles is not the whole story. There will be ill health brought on by eating these foods, and others, so if you are take a food intolerance test and find out exactly what foods could be making you ill.”

The symptoms of food intolerance affect about 20 million people in the UK, and contribute to more than one million working days lost each year.


The First Step test is a blood test which the customer does from home that identifies whether there is food intolerance or not. This gives a yes/no verdict, and allows people to either explore a more thorough test knowing they have a food intolerance or try to investigate ill health away from a food based method. The RRP for this test is £20.

Once food intolerance has been identified, the customer can take the second step and identify exactly what foods are causing the intolerance. Again, through a pinprick amount of blood the customer supplies from home, the sample is analyzed from a state of the art laboratory to determine accurate and reproducible results.

Included in the price are two appointments with a qualified nutritionist plus a diet plan and 80-page guide to help you get the best from the test. (RRP £265)

By eliminating these foods you have every chance to get better and in the UK’s largest independent study into food intolerance, over 3 out of 4 people got better from their symptoms.

To buy a test call 0800 074 6185 or visit the website at are endorsed by Allergy UK

Any journalists interested in taking a food intolerance test then call Les Rowley on 01904 428 557.

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