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Off to somewhere hot this summer where the bugs bite and the food and drink could be suspect? Xynergy has a range of natural health products that you can sneak in your bag to ensure that your long awaited break goes smoothly. With current security regulations at airports, make sure you put them in your main luggage and not in your hand baggage.

Keep bugs away with neem spray

Neem Leaf and Oil Herbal Outdoor Spray was originally developed for the Florida Everglades where there are plenty of biting insects. It not only repels midges and mosquitoes, but it also soothes your skin if you get bitten or stung by them. Completely natural and deet free it’s a must for any travel kit. Neem Leaf and Oil Herbal Outdoor Spray – Organix South costs £6 for 120ml.

Fight infections with propolis

Long flights, stressful journeys and a change of climate can induce colds and other bugs that can spoil your much awaited holiday break. Propolis is a substance bees
make from tree bark and leaf buds to protect the hive from invasion and infection, but it also is a natural anaesthetic that eases sore throats, colds, and runny noses. It can purify the liver so if you’re overindulging on pizza, paella or local vino it could be just what you need. Propolis Tincture Comvita 25ml standard strength, £8.15

Protect your lips

When you go out in the sun your lips often get dry and start to crack. Comvita’s Propolis lip balm contains coconut oil to moisturise the lips and has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15. The anti-bacterial properties of Propolis soothe cold sores which often break out in the hot sun. Comvita Propolis Lip Balm, £4.15

Guard against the hot sun

As Englishmen and mad dogs do go out in the midday sun, you can protect your skin with Comvita Olive Leaf Complex made from fresh olive leaf extract. Studies show that ultraviolet rays generate free radical molecules in the skin which damage skin cells, ageing skin and put you more at risk of other skin conditions. Antioxidants destroy free radicals, and researchers have found that the powerful antioxidant capacity of the Australian liquid olive leaf extract is four times that of Vitamin C.

In the olive leaf, these antioxidants are predominantly polyphenols (including caffeic acid, hydroxytyrosol and oleuropin) and when combined with each other, they give a more powerful free radical scavenging capacity than when the same antioxidants are isolated. Comvita Original or Peppermint flavour costs from £8.99 for 100ml bottle.

Soothe your sunburn

Neem Leaf and Aloe Vera Gel combines some of the most skin soothing natural ingredients you can find. Neem oil, leaf and bark all contain compounds that gently heal the skin, and neem oil is also high in fatty acids. Aloe vera gel is renowned for its healing and moisturising properties, replacing moisture and preventing peeling when you’ve had too much sun. Neem Leaf and Aloe Vera Gel – Organix South costs £8.20 for 240ml.

Holiday tummy

A change of water, hot weather and different foods can make your stomach bloated and uncomfortable. With Meadowsweet and Kawa Kawa in your bag you know you can take a few drops in water and ease indigestion, heartburn and other discomfort. It contains New Zealand herbs:

• Kawa Kawa which is a traditional Maori medicine used for calming stomach pain and indigestion

• Meadowsweet which helps to ease indigestion, diarrhoea, and flatulence

• Hoheria which contains polysaccharides that soothes inflammation in the digestive system.

• Other ingredients include licorice and aniseed which are well known for their soothing effect on the digestive system.
Kiwi Herbs Meadowsweet and Kawa Kawa, £9.40 for 50ml

Sleep well

To help you relax and get a good night’s sleep throughout your holiday you can put some Pukka Herbs Relax tea bags in your case. If you’re on long haul flights you can just ask the air steward for some hot water to put your tea bag in. Relax contains chamomile which is known to calm the mind and body, the Ayurvedic herb gotu kola for relaxation, and fennel, ginger root and cardamom to warm and relax the digestive system. Pukka Herbs’ Relax, £1.99 for 20 bags

Prepare for the holiday

Be prepared for a change in climate, diet and water before you go away by taking Spirulina and continuing through the holiday. The blue/green micro-algae is packed with vitamins, amino acids and trace minerals, and is the highest plant source of chlorophyll known to man. It is effective at cleansing the digestive tract, boosting energy levels, and strengthening the immune system. Synergy Natural Organic Spirulina Tablets, 100 tablets, 200 tablets £12.95, 500 tablets, £27.95, 1,000 tablets £49.90.

All these products are available from Xynergy Health Products,, 08456 585858 selected health food stores, including Nutricentre,

For further information, samples, photographs, please contact: Brian Morris, Xynergy Health Products, 08456 585858, or Five PR, 01737 555322,
April 2008

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