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May 6th 2008

First Tuesday in May is
best date to start a diet

The date on which you start anything is absolutely essential…and diets are no exception. With 13 million people in the UK trying to lose weight, many are doomed to failure even before they get past the first rice cake, but it is the date on which you start that could be the difference between winning and losing.

According to information from, the company behind a new weight loss product, the best date to start a diet, and make it work is the first Tuesday in May, this year Tuesday, May 6th 2008. So if you’re the type who flits from diet to diet, or are part of the 20% of the population permanently on a weight loss crusade, then it may be time to pencil in the first Tuesday in May, and give yourself the best chance of shaping up.

Why the first in Tuesday May?

• Studies show that people are most productive on a Tuesday. Certain traditions governing millions of people pinpoint this day as the best to ‘remove obstacles’.

• We spend more ‘me’ time on a Tuesday than other days where family, weekends and work commitments tend to occupy our thoughts.

• From the middle ages, Tuesday has always been the day to confess and start afresh.

• The transition from winter clothes to summer outfits begins and with it the hope of changing our shape to adapt to the attire.

• Summer begins in May and we lose more weight naturally in summer than any other month.

Put Tuesday 6th May in to your diaries, and make an appointment to begin your Body ID Plan.

Nutritionist Sheila Boyde says:

“Animals react to the changing seasons with mood, metabolism and behaviour, and humans are the same. Evidence shows that our ‘happy hormone’, serotonin, increases during the longer and lighter days of summer. This is the time to capitalize on increased feelings of wellbeing and energy to begin your personalised diet plan.

Healthy salads and vegetables are plentiful at this time and make lighter foods more appealing with the warmer weather. There is also more incentive to exercise after work with the lighter nights encouraging you to venture forth out of the house.”

Body ID is launched nationwide in the UK on 6th May.


Body ID Plan works by analyzing a tiny pinprick amount of your blood. From home you supply the sample and return it to YorkTest Laboratories for testing. There, it will be examined to see if there are any reactions to 76 foods. This reaction triggers the immune system to naturally store up the fluids needed to fight food intolerances and infectious agents, and within ten days the results are returned. The test costs £130 but if no food reactions are identified then the customer will be refunded an amount of £80.

For those registering a positive reaction, the customer will be given a full listing of the foods to be cut from the diet, and for how long. This is accompanied with a full information pack, and personalised diet plan so you can be informed about the nature of your diet, which foods to cut out, and how best to implement the change. Where to buy your new size clothes is up to you.

Call 0800 130 0588 to order or visit

Or for media enquiries and press packs call Les Rowley on 01904 428 557 or Ross MacLeod on 01904 428 583

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