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'1 in 4 UK women live with leaks'

With women today having increasingly hectic schedules, regular changes of the female body can interfere with the smooth running of their lives. Where some such changes are easily discussed, others are considered to be a bit of a taboo subject – one being sensitive bladder. The creators of Always are aiming to break this taboo by helping women with sensitive bladder to realise that they are not alone and providing a new product ‘Envive by Always’ to enable them live a confident and unrestricted life.

Sensitive bladder is experienced by women of all ages and affects 1 out of 4 women – embarrassing leaks are often experienced when laughing, coughing, sneezing or exercising. In fact, it’s estimated that 6 million women in the UK have some degree of sensitive bladder. Currently, a majority of women use bulky, uncomfortable products or pads and liners which are not necessarily designed for sensitive bladder …so a little laugh can mean a little leak, and without the right protection a little leak can seriously affect your confidence and can have a major impact on your life.

Did you know…?

• Your body produces up to 2500ml of urine every 24 hours, the equivalent of about 8 cans of cola.

• 1 in 3 women feel bladder sensitivity affects sexual self esteem.

• Sensitive bladder can be worse in the summer, partly due to dehydration – so contrary to what you may think, keep drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day.

A Happy Bladder and Feeling Confident

Health expert Dr Trisha Macnair joins forces with new Envive by Always to help women banish the taboo of sensitive bladder and live an unrestricted healthy and confident lifestyle.

Dr. Trisha Macnair understands that a sensitive bladder can affect your confidence, self esteem and relationships. Here she suggests some simple steps that could help your life and body run more smoothly:

.First always check with your doctor who can rule out or treat more serious, but much rarer causes of urinary problems

.Lifestyle measures help most women, including dietary changes and bladder training

• Choose decaffeinated varieties of tea and coffee, and cut out carbonated drinks

• Opt for low alcohol drinks or dilute them with flat mixers

• Watch your weight – the more overweight you are, the greater the pressure on your bladder

• Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor can help control a sensitive bladder

. Don’t panic if you have a sudden small leak when you laugh or cough – it’s a common problem for women and usually easily managed. Try using new Envive by Always for immediate, discreet and effective protection

Dawn Breslin joins forces with Envive by Always to encourage women to let their confidence stand out!

Dawn Breslin is one of the world's leading confidence and self-esteem coaches. She is also the author of 2 best selling-books, "Super Confidence" and "The Power Book" and has appeared regularly on TV and radio.

Dawn believes that life is for living and her work is focused on spreading the message of boosting self-awareness and self-confidence to improve our lives dramatically. She strongly feels that women should feel confident and able to live life to the full with no restrictions, in every aspect of their lives, so has teamed up with Envive to help women get women talking to one another.

Dawn says “A sensitive bladder can be an embarrassing topic but so many women experience it - they shouldn't feel worried about discussing it with their doctor or friends. Surprisingly, it affects more people than hay fever so chances are, your friends will be relieved to hear they’re not alone. In most cases people can simply use products like Envive to manage these little leaks and give then the confidence to live an unrestricted life. Encouraging women to talk to each other and realising how common a sensitive bladder is helps to break down the taboo and enables women to feel more confident - so get talking ladies!”

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Discover new Envive by Always…

Think positively, feel confident and live life to the full, a sensitive bladder doesn’t need to tie you to your home. Always has created a new product specifically designed for women with sensitive bladder. Envive by Always offers outstanding protection whilst having the discretion of an ultra thin pad - so now there’s no need to choose between protection and comfort. The unique shape at the front offers protection where you need it most, and the super absorbent micro-channels quickly pull away wetness and odour into the core where the wetness is locked away. The malodour molecules are changed into odour-less ones by the active odour absorption technology of Envive.

If you are tired of blending into the background, you are ready for new Envive by Always – let your confidence stand out.Envive by Always will be available in the feminine care aisle of all major grocers and pharmacists.

RRP: Around £2.49 for Single packs, £3.99 for Duo packs.

To get your free sample of Envive by Always, please visit:

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