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E-commerce businesses who need to operate with new levels of efficiency, profitability and competitive performance are the target for Intoscape, the world's most advanced integrated e-commerce platform, launched today by Total Commerce Management (TCM).

Intoscape has been constructed from the ground up as a fully integrated suite of component applications which combine 'best practice' from multiple disciplines and let them work seamlessly together in a single environment.

It addresses the most critical business functions standing between e-commerce retailers and commercial success, including supply chain management, competitor monitoring, automated pricing and content, procurement optimisation and data exchange and integration with existing or new ERP environments.

Supply Chain Management

Intoscape is the first software solution to be able to synchronise data on available inventory from multiple distribution supply sources across many different vertical markets and consolidate information into a single database scheme. This allows small niche distributors with lower cost products but smaller ranges to be compared side-by-side with broad line distributors offering wider choice but often smaller margins.

Previously, gathering and reacting to this data required considerable human resources and the larger the catalogue, the more people it took to manage the enlarged inventory. With Intoscape, huge catalogues of available inventory can be managed by just one or two individuals, where previously large product management teams may have been required.

Competitor Monitoring

In the traditional reseller business, large teams of marketers can spend hours 'mystery shopping' their competition and using the information gathered as a benchmark of the market pricing which will drive their ultimate selling prices.

Intoscape is the first software solution which will actively search the public domain of the internet and use fully automated technology to gather comparative information from an unlimited number of competitors. The software then consolidates the data gathered in to a single database scheme, so that the Intoscape enabled business can now compare current market prices with their previously gathered supply source data.

Automated Pricing & Content Publishing

Intoscape is the first solution to offer fully automated analysis of price elasticity. By applying complex and specific business rules algorithms matched to the needs of the Intoscape enabled business, a vastly reduced product management team can create large catalogues of available inventory and automate the prices in accordance to the expectations of the business.
This allows them to maximise margins automatically where market forces allow, and reduce margins to predetermined minimums where market forces demand more competitive prices.

In addition to automating prices, Intoscape will also automatically build and present content to any determined point of sale, including the web site and any direct sales CRM interface used by sales and customer service personnel. By providing a fully editable, but fully automated Content Management System (CMS) as part of the solution, Intoscape replaces expensive and complex third party software and reduces the number of people required to manage large numbers of products in your catalogue. Empowering front line merchandisers and product managers to assume the roll of the web designer in a single management interface.

Procurement Optimisation

Intoscape uses the business rules algorithms and logic programmed in to its procurement engine to consider all possible sources of product to meet an order request. It will calculate all likely costs associated with direct shipping or consolidation through the businesses own warehouse facility, and then make a definitive recommendation to the buying team of how best to fulfil the order whilst optimising margin, considering all logistics costs and the customer experience. Procurement optimisation can go even further by connecting Intoscape directly to XML ordering or EDI systems with selected suppliers.

Exchanging & Integrating Data

Intoscape provides an ERP Connector capable of exchanging all data in industry standard open source formats with existing ERP, MRP or financial back office applications. By streamlining processes and integrating formally disparate processes Intoscape encourages businesses to take expensive overheads out of their business model, empowering fewer people to do more, without sacrificing control or customer service in an increasingly competitive arena.

Intoscape in action -, an SCC company is using Intoscape to manage an online catalogue of over 350,000 available lines changing daily from multiple sources.

Intoscape enables IT247 to monitor competitor activity and pricing, set prices for the online store, and manage the back office logistics and procurement associated with a high volume retail operation.

For more information about and Intoscape, read the case study at []

“There are few situations in the entire economy with a more dynamic set of information management requirements and where the pace of change is so fast, as faced by e-commerce businesses,” explained Steve Willock, Managing Director of TCM. “Intoscape bridges the gap between the aspirations of e-commerce businesses for more insight and control and their practical capabilities, offering them a huge performance breakthrough.”


About Total Commerce Management (TCM) & Intoscape

Intoscape is a solution born from a detailed understanding of the commercial issues facing e-commerce dependent companies in the modern business era and is now available as part of a comprehensive service exclusively offered by Total Commerce Management Limited.

TCM founders, Steve Willock and Andrew Senior, each have over twenty years experience in software development and supply chain management and have been able to apply this knowledge to help create alternative working practices for sales driven, commodity dependent businesses where margin is tight, prices are volatile, product supply is unpredictable and customer service is paramount.

TCM operates with strong institutional investment, with the Intoscape product suite designed to meet the compelling commercial needs of e-commerce businesses, while providing a rapid return on investment.

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