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As many famous musicians head towards to make or break period of the year where festivals are taking place, a leading celebrity Life Coach, hypnotherapist and motivator has warned that celebrities are increasingly losing their confidence due to incidents such as being verbally assaulted in the street and being “bottled off” the stage by crowds.

As the UK and Europe races towards the peak music festival period a leading celebrity motivator and hypnotherapist says that a large number of musicians and celebrities are battling with themselves constantly regarding public image, confidence and anxieties about being publically attacked or harassed.

Joseph Clough, an International NLP Self Help Trainer, hypnotist and guide to the stars has highlighted the growing trend of stars being harassed or sometimes even “bottled off” the stage, where crowds throw drink bottles at acts they do not like during a festival or concert, which is not only being a risk to their safety, but also inflicting psychological damage as well.

Joseph Clough is working with an increasing number of celebrities and musicians who have been victims of harassment and verbal abuse from members of the public. The abuse is usually intended to get a reaction from the celebrities that can filmed on a camera phone and later put onto video sharing and social networking websites.

Whilst it could be argued that celebrities to some degree have chosen the lifestyle that they live, Joseph Clough of believes that they do not deserve any form of physical or mental attack that could lead to longer lasting psychological issues.

Joseph has called on the media to discourage public attacks of this nature,

“The psychological effects of public attacks can be career-ending, and I think it is important that members of the public are reminded that these celebrities are people too, and do not deserve to be attacked simply because of who they are. I am surprised that lessons have not been learnt from the examples of Princess Diana, Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse to name three, having all had to play their entire lives out in public.”

Joseph claims that his approach to hypnotherapy is “half Anthony Robbins”, the American life coach whose expertise has helped thousands of people, including some of Hollywood’s biggest names and “half Paul McKenna”, the British hypnotist and empowerment expert, who has gone on to become Britain’s best-selling non-fiction author with his self-help guides.

Joseph has worked with chart topping stars such as Sandi Thom, who releases her 2nd album ‘Pink and the Lily’ this year, as well as popular TV personalities and has 7 years experience in the field.

Joseph Clough continued,

“It is a sad fact that the media and public can drop you as quickly as they built you up, and the same can be said across any sector of celebrity, be it sport, television, film, music or any other profession that pushes you into the limelight,” Joseph said.

“Many celebrities never reclaim the headlines following a personal attack from the public. Is this because they have suddenly got worse? No. A bad day at the office for somebody like David Beckham could ruin his career, but after the misery of Euro 2004, Beckham famously saw a prominent hypnotherapist, and went on to achieve bigger and better things,”

“We have to question what has caused these talented individuals to fade, and for the most part, I honestly believe that the stress of celebrity affects more people than the public would believe. Through working with people like me, individuals can overcome any issues that are preventing their success, and become their full potential.”

Self-help is an issue key to society, with huge volumes of sales of self-help guides in both book and audio format proving that Britain is a captive audience. Joseph Clough aims to help members of the public through his own empowerment audio programme and book, entitled ‘Being Your Potential’. More information can be found at, where samples of Joseph’s audio programmes can be heard.


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Joseph Clough is a Master NLP Practitioner, NLP Trainer and Hypnotist

Joseph is an exciting young trainer based in the Northwest of England who has already received glowing accolades from his building celebrity client base

Joseph has helped celebrities and members of the public alike recover from many issues, including depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, and phobias.

Joseph works with people to envisage their goals, whether financial, career or sports based success


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