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The city of Cardiff has been named as the most fun place to live in the UK, according to research from a leading online retailer of gadgets and gizmos.

Research from the distribution funhouse revealed that Cardiff had the biggest hoard of amusements; dubbing the city the most fun place in the UK. Lively Liverpool and bubbly Blackpool, on the other hand, appeared to have lost their sources of entertainment, coming bottom of the pile. calculated the top and bottom 10 by looking at the number of sales in the last year, per 100,000 people in each city or town, and it revealed quite a few surprises.

Top Ten Most Fun Places to Live in the UK:

1. Cardiff – Luckily the Welsh central boasts more amusing attractions than just the accent.

2. Portsmouth- Nickname is ‘Pompey’...ha, funny that.

3. Guildford- Is where those naughty pop princesses; Cheryl Cole (Girls Aloud) and Amelle Berrabah (Sugarbabes) were arrested for having too much fun with their fists.

4. London/South West/Battersea- The big smoke is firing fun off all cylinders.

5. Enfield- Is home to one of the most amusing tube stops on the London underground, Cockfosters, where all the cocks drink fosters...including one would presume Harry Enfield.

6. Brighton- With all those dancing queens it’s not surprising Brighton is full of frolicking fun lovers.

7. Oxford – The masses of academics are clearly investing in some fun ways of relaxation; text books were so last year.

8. Reading- Reading is the cognitive process of delivering meaning from written or printed text....God it’s no wonder they need some fun investments.

9. Twickenham – The rugger capital is also home to a disproportionately large number of public houses, which help keep the fun flowing.

10. Kingston upon Thames- Is home to a Toilet Gallery, it’s no wonder residents are turning the other cheek and looking for alternative ways to have fun...eurgh!

Bottom Ten Least Fun Places to Live in the UK:

1. Dudley-One of the main industries in Dudley’s early years was coal; nice to see they have still kept the traditional ‘bar humbug’ attitude that goes with it.

2. Hull-Back in the day, Hull was originally a market town...they just weren’t in the market for anything fun.

3. Falkirk-Home to the battle of Falkirk in 1298, which saw the defeat of William Wallace by King Edward I. A sad day and I don’t think the residents have quite got over it yet.

4. Blackpool-The seaside town already indulges in enough pleasure on the beach; investing in more would just be considered greedy.

5. London/Westminster-It’s full of politicians...ah, that explains it then.

6. Birmingham- Forced as the powerhouse of the Industrial revolution. All sounding a little bit like a history lesson...yawn.

7. Sheffield- The city of Sheffield has been occupied since at least the ice age; its sense of humour must still be frozen.

8. Glasgow-Meaning a ‘dear green place’; doesn’t exactly sound fun does it?!

9. Durham- The whole centre of Durham is a designated conservation area, fun is strictly prohibited at all times.

10. Liverpool- Packed full with all those mischievous Liverpudlian scousers, fun in the city is generated like fresh air. It is the peninsula of popular music and even boasts the Beetles, happy days.

Keeper of the Magic at ShinyShack, Anna Clare, commented;

“Our products are all about making lives more colourful and fun, so we thought it would be interesting to see which areas had made the most purchases. It came as no surprise to see Cardiff coming out top; the city oozes fun and vibrancy and this has been reflected in the results.

She continued,

“Guildford and Enfield were the shock investors; the large amounts of sales suggest that they are perhaps trying to make up for the lack of mischief on offer within the area. It was a surprise to see Blackpool so low on the list; obviously they have enough amusements to keep them occupied.”

ShinyShack sells a huge range of gadgets and gizmos, and is based in the South West of the United Kingdom.



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