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May 19th 2008

Not to be sneezed at: New home test allows pharmacy customers to get tough on allergies

From Monday 19th May 2008 it might well be your pharmacist, and not your GP, who you can turn to if you get an allergic reaction. A new government backed initiative is attempting to make your high street pharmacists more aware of dealing with allergies, and an important port of call to offer advice and treatment.
This new initiative, run in conjunction with Allergy UK and the National Pharmacy Association, comes on the back of a report highlighting the lack of support for UK’s million plus allergy sufferers. With only six nationwide specialist centres, the new strategy aims to go some of the way to preventing the 6,000 hospitalisations each year with private pharmacy consultations and the preventative advice.
GP and medical advisor, Dr Hilary Jones says:
“Allergies are dramatically on the increase yet reliable professional help remains elusive. Training the UK’s 31,000 pharmacists to assist sufferers in identifying, avoiding and treating an allergic reaction is a practical and logical step, especially as pharmacists are ideally placed amongst other things to stock, prescribe and dispense finger prick tests such as those from YorkTest.”
To aid pharmacists in their job of helping customers,, leaders in the field of allergy and food intolerance testing for over 25 years, are launching a new IgE home test called AllergyCheck. The test will enable patients to take the advice from a pharmacy consultation, and take a test to accurately identify the allergen causing the reaction.
Along with their first step food intolerance and foodScan 113 , are the only company endorsed by Allergy UK in this field, and continue to work on a scientific and customer focussed level to improve the lives of people suffering from a list of life long and chronic conditions. In terms of value to a customers’ wellbeing, the IgE test, and FoodScan, play an important role in identifying and subsequent avoidance of offending allergens. For the first time it offers pharmacists accurate and reliable path for helping people deal with the symptoms of allergic reactions and food intolerances.


This test is for people suffering from the effects of an allergic reaction who need to discover the nature of the allergen causing the reaction.

The IgE AllergyCheck is a home test which works from a small pinprick amount of blood. The customer, who supplies the blood from home, sends in the sample to a laboratory for personalised analysis. Within ten days the results are returned by post giving the customer an accurate and detailed account identifying their particular allergy. The test costs £70.

How it works: The pinprick sample is passed through a process whereby increased levels of IgE antibody are identified, and a positive or negative reaction clearly highlighted. Two tests – both food and environmental – are used with the 12 most common allergens from each test to identify the exact nature of the reaction.
The IgG test is a two-step process. The first step test (RRP £20), which works from a pinprick amount of blood, identifies the presence of a food intolerance in people suffering from ill health. Once a positive is identified, the customer has an option of upgrading to the FoodScan 113 (RRP £265). This pinpoints the intolerance to any number of 113 different foods common in the UK diet.
Once identified, a consultation with a qualified nutritionist enables the customer to put in place a diet that excludes the problem foods which are potentially the reason for ill health. In UK’s largest ever independent study into food intolerance, over 3 out of 4 customers got better after a YorkTest food intolerance test.
For further information contact or call 01322 619898
National Pharmacy Association 0172 785 8687

Journalist wishing to try the new IgE home test please contact on 01904-428 557.

For food test enquiries call YorkTest on
0800 074 6185

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