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You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser., a social platform as well as an online bookstore, was unveiled at an event in central London yesterday. BookRabbit is a place to meet people, look at the books they own, share opinions about books, listen to authors talking about their works and create categories for books that really make sense.

Kieron Smith, BookRabbit’s managing director, said at the launch event: “We have launched BookRabbit to address a fundamental gap in the online book selling market. We understand that if you want to be surprised by books, if you want to experience new authors, if you have a passion for reading, then you don’t turn to a machine, or the dinosaurs of the book trade to help you – you turn to other readers, and what they have experienced through the books they have read.” enables customers to upload pictures of their bookcases to the site, so readers can look at the book collections of other people who have the same titles and interests as them. This can offer the ability to make serendipitous book discoveries, just as you would if you were physically in someone's house, rifling through their collections. This is a great way to find and buy books, but also a fun way to strike up conversations about the books you enjoy.

Smith continued: “Bookcases are a treasure trove of the familiar and yet-to-be-discovered. You are more likely to buy a book based on a recommendation from another book lover, or by seeing it on a friend’s bookcase, than you are because a faceless book merchant puts it on a stand in their shop or a computer-generated algorithm tells you to.”

The Rabbit vs. the dinosaurs

What makes BookRabbit stand out from the crowd of incumbent giants of the trade is the team’s passion for allowing readers to re-catalogue books in a way that is actually useful for them personally, and for other readers. This makes it easier to actually find books on subjects that people struggle to find using other online booksellers. Smith believes one of the great things about books is that there is something for everyone – if they can only find them. So why not give the tools over to readers who know the books, and let them organise the catalogue.

According to Smith: “Handing the power to the people when it comes to the classification of books on the site is ground-breaking in an industry dominated by inflexible and limited book lists. BookRabbit gives the power to the reader to reclassify books in an unlimited number of ways, opening up the millions of books available to a wide cross section of readers with specialist interests or a curiosity about different subject matters.”

BookRabbit lists some 4.2 million titles, more than booksellers could ever classify; yet the community of BookRabbit users will be able to do it immediately online, focusing on the things they care most about, allowing them to share their cause, interest or passion with others. Other readers can then add books to existing categories – meaning the catalogue just keeps growing.

Smith concluded: “Our passion is about returning the power to find, share and buy the books they love, to the people. We urge others to join BookRabbit, and share their experiences. Think about the MySpace revolution in music: artists and music lovers can promote their music and interests online without being beholden to the record labels. In the same way, BookRabbit allows people to share, recommend and buy books that are not necessarily those most heavily promoted by the traditional book industry. Oh and we’re also cheaper than Amazon on the top 100,000 titles, with free postage!”

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About BookRabbit

BookRabbit is an online bookshop that dynamically connects readers, authors and publishers through the books they own. Using BookRabbit, readers can share their passion for books, make recommendations to other readers as well as creating their own personal bookcase and catalogues online – anything from medieval falconry, through bestsellers, to educational publications for schools. BookRabbit has a simple aim – to claim back book selling and book buying, enabling readers to discover the right books for them.

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For more information (press), contact the BookRabbit team at Inferno or telephone +44 (0)208 735 9735.

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