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SIGG 0.6L 'Whispering Meadows' bottle

This year sees Swiss sports & lifestyle bottle manufacturer SIGG celebrate 100 years of providing consumers with high quality, stylish, healthy and environmentally conscious choices.

While the need for re-hydration was probably less well known when SIGG first opened for business in 1908, the average body has always needed at least two litres (4 pints) of water every day to function at its optimum level. In recent years this has been reflected in an increase in sales of bottled water - but, as recent news stories have highlighted, plastic bottles are bad for the environment.

Not only are plastic water bottles inefficient to produce and distribute, the resulting waste provides us with an ecological nightmare which just won’t go away - literally; varying estimates suggest plastics can take between 500 and 1,000 years to biodegrade – either way that’s not good.

Although recycling has become increasingly popular, in reality only a small amount of plastic is ever actually recycled; the vast majority ends up in Landfill or, as is becoming more common, in the sea. Of the relatively small amount of plastic which is recycled, some ends up being transported half way around the world (to be reincarnated) before coming back again; arguably not the most ecologically efficient process in itself.

Continuing to use and dispose of plastic at the current rate means that the pile just keeps getting bigger – but Swiss manufacturer SIGG can offer an eco-friendly alternative; their range of beautifully crafted aluminium sports and lifestyle bottles not only look great, they’re reusable and unbreakable (meaning no more plastic bottles).

Meanwhile, there is growing evidence to suggest that some of the plastic bottles and containers which people drink from may also be leaking harmful toxins into the fluids that they are drinking; potentially putting themselves and their children at risk. SIGG bottles provide a safe and hygienic alternative to plastic bottles; featuring a seamless, leak-proof design and a unique, easy to clean, crack-resistant liner; suitable for any kind of drink (not just water).

Every SIGG bottle is created at the company’s base in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, with a single piece of pure aluminium, using an eco-friendly, minimum waste manufacturing process; your SIGG bottle will accompany you through your life’s adventures, but after surviving those it is completely recyclable.

So, SIGG are 100 years old but still proving that their wide range of environmentally friendly, health conscious and visually stunning bottles are as fresh, innovative and relevant today as they were 100 years ago – funny how things go full circle isn’t it ?!

Choosing to drink from a SIGG bottle is a choice that counts; for yourself and for your environment:

For more information on SIGG products please visit - or call 0116 234 4644 for details of your nearest stockist.

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