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Steganos Password Manager 2009: new application enables users to easily create and manage strong passwords that protect their privacy

Encryption leader Steganos has released Steganos Password Manager 2009, a complete reinvention of the classic privacy protection application for managing passwords at home and away.

28 May 2008 – Steganos, a global leader in security and privacy software for consumers and SMEs, has launched Steganos Password Manager 2009. This application for privacy protection has been rebuilt from the ground up and includes new features to enhance ease of use and improve the portability of encrypted password lists.

Steganos Password Manager 2009 enables users to organise and manage secure lists of passwords and other access credentials. Data is stored in an encrypted list, which can only be accessed by entering the password or connecting a device such as a USB key, which has been configured as the key to unlock Steganos Password Manager.

The application can create highly secure passwords and warn users against using easily cracked passwords like ‘Mum141143’ or ‘Monicaforever’. Using drag and drop, users can enter user IDs, passwords and addresses into websites and forms. Users can also configure Steganos Password Manager to enter the data automatically. Entries in the password list can be enhanced with additional information such as addresses, descriptions and contact names, which can also be entered using drag and drop.

New in this release is the ability to store passwords on a USB key or other portable storage device so they can be accessed on third party computers, such as in hotels or internet cafes or at friends’ houses. Administrator rights are not required. As with previous editions, it is also possible to administer passwords using a Windows Mobile based smartphone or PDA. The portable device can be synchronised with the desktop Steganos Password Manager application.

This release also features an enhanced user interface. Passwords and access data can be organised in user-defined categories and subcategories. Passwords and supporting data can be quickly searched, and a virtual keyboard helps to protect users from keyloggers which might attempt to intercept the access code of a Steganos Password Manager.

Steganos Password Manager 2009 also introduces support for multiple user profiles, so that flatmates can share one computer and software instance while securing their passwords individually, or so that users can create different profiles for work and home, for example.

As with all Steganos software, all user data and passwords are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard with 256 bit keys. This algorithm makes it possible to have as many passwords as there are atoms in the universe.

Aston Fallen, joint managing director, Steganos, said: “We all have so many passwords now: online banking, multiple email accounts, ecommerce accounts, work computers, PIN numbers… the list goes on. People cope by picking easily memorable passwords, which are also easily hackable, or by writing passwords down where they could be discovered and abused by unauthorised users. With Steganos Password Manager 2009, we’re offering a smarter solution: a secure way to manage all these access codes, so that people can easily use strong passwords that truly protect their privacy. Users can go from having to remember one hundred passwords, to just needing to remember one.”

Steganos Password Manager 2009 in Detail

Everything in a single encrypted list
Secured by password or using a key device, such as a USB stick.

Steganos Password Generator
Helps to create strong and secure passwords.

Use Password Manager on other PCs (NEW)
Users can simply store their profile on a USB key and open it and use it on another PC, without even needing administrator rights (read only).

Intuitive tree structure (NEW)
Access data can be administered in user-defined categories and subcategories. Users can comment each entry, and can search the full text of all entries.

File attachments (NEW)
Users can attach files to entries, such as scans of PIN lists or online banking details. This feature works for images in JPG and PNG format and for text files, all up to a maximum of 64KB.

One PC, multiple users (NEW)
Multiple profiles, each protected by its own password, can be stored in a single application for use, for example, on a family PC.

Virtual keyboard (NEW)
The software protects users from keyloggers which could steal passwords entered using a normal keyboard. The virtual keyboard includes an optional symbol scramble feature to defend against mouse click recorders.

Autofill feature
Access data can be entered into websites and forms using drag and drop. Users can also choose for access data to be entered automatically in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Mobile Password Manager
Passwords can also be created and managed on the road using the Mobile Password Manager, which works with Windows Mobile-based smartphones and PDAs. The Mobile Password Manager can be easily synchronised with the desktop application.

Strongest encryption
Steganos Password Manager uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256 bit keys.

Steganos Password Manager 2009 is available for download immediately at

Full version Steganos Password Manager 2009 (including Steganos Mobile Password Manager)


Upgrade version Steganos Password Manager 2009 (including Steganos Mobile Password Manager)

About Steganos

Since 1996, Steganos has been providing highly secure and user friendly solutions that secure static data and online communications. More than two million users worldwide already depend on Steganos software. Innovations such as the world’s first commercial steganography software (which hides data in pictures and music), or the first encryption software to use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), have made Steganos one of the market leaders for consumer encryption software. Steganos products are regularly recognized with national and international press awards and the Steganos brand is synonymous with protecting sensitive data.

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