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Consumer press release, for issue: 29/05/2008

Don’t Ditch the Milk
Make Milk Part Of a Healthy Diet for World Milk Day

With World Milk Day on 1st June it has never been a better time to re-evaluate the benefits of milk in your diet. With more than one in ten people choosing to cut their intake of dairy , wrongly believing it to be unhealthy, experts warn that this decision is misinformed, potentially detrimental to health and could actually inhibit weight loss.

Cravendale milk has announced a re-education programme to halt the anti-dairy trend in the UK. Its “Don’t Ditch the Milk” campaign aims to inform consumers about the negative effects of cutting milk from their diet. With two thirds of the UK on a diet at any one time, five facts that will be news to many are:

- Milk drinkers are slimmer than those who drink little or no milk. Proven

- Milk is isotonic and may be as effective as water and sports drinks as a post work-out drink.

- Milk is a source of 17 essential vitamins and minerals and many essential trace elements.

- A 200ml glass of semi-skimmed contains over a third of the riboflavin (vitamin B2), calcium, phosphorus and iodine needed daily by adults aged 19-50. It also provides all the vitamin B12 they require and many other essential vitamins and minerals.

- Both semi skimmed and skimmed milk are naturally low in fat.

- Cravendale Skimmed contains a mere 0.1% fat, semi-skimmed 1.7% fat and even Cravendale Whole only contains 3.6% fat

Cravendale’s head nutritionist, Sue Malcolm, explains: “Milk is wrongly thought to be a fatty, unhealthy option and this notion is perpetuated by many faddy diet trends. The reality is that it is a vital part of a balanced diet and by cutting out milk not only could you negatively impact on your desired weight loss, but you could also risk health implications - from osteoporosis to a possible increase of the risk of heart disease in men.”

Dr Judith Bryans, Director of The Dairy Council and registered nutritionist said: “As summer is approaching, many people are thinking about getting into better shape. Anyone who is trying to slim down still needs to get their daily requirement for nutrients. World Milk Day is a great opportunity to remind people that milk and dairy foods are rich in nutrients and play a vital part in a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle. So no matter what slimming methods people choose, they need to remember to include milk in their diet.”

Cravendale’s “Don’t Ditch the Milk” campaign aims to keep consumers informed about the benefits of milk and help people keep their regular intake of milk up with clever, healthy recipes, dieting advice and tips, training, post exercise information and more. All this information is available online at


For further information contact the Cravendale Press Office
T: 0207 684 6969

1. From Semi Skimmed to Skinny Jeans

Research shows that people who include dairy products as part of a calorie-controlled diet actually lose more weight than those who cut out dairy completely. The study also found that weight loss was mostly from the waist, which can be one of the most problematic areas to trim down. So get the pints in the fridge and your skinny jeans ready!

2. Light Fantastic

Cravendale Skimmed contains a mere 0.1% fat and even Cravendale Whole only contains 3.6% fat. And because it lasts longer than standard milk thanks to its unique filtration process (seven days in the fridge instead of a standard three), with Cravendale you can still give the family their favourite milk if you’re watching your weight without any going to waste.

3. Post Gym Recovery Solution

A study by Loughborough University last year revealed that milk is as isotonic as water. In fact, milk may be more effective than water and sports drinks at rehydrating the body after exercise. Cravendale’s Half Pint is perfect for fitting in your gym bag and come in two natural fruit flavours, milk+strawberry and milk+banana so you can enjoy the refreshing filtered taste of Cravendale wherever you are.

4. Vital Vitamins

Milk contains many nutrients, all of which play an important role in keeping our bodies healthy. A 200ml glass of Cravendale semi-skimmed milk will provide a 19-50 year old female with a significant percentage of their daily requirements - protein (16%), thiamin (15%), riboflavin (46%), niacin (21%), vitamin B12 (120%), folate (9%), vitamin C (10%), potassium (9%), calcium (35%), magnesium (8%), phosphorus (36%), zinc (11%), iodine (44%).

A 200ml glass of Cravendale semi-skimmed milk will provide a 19-50 year old male with a significant percentage of their daily requirements - protein (13%), thiamin (15%), riboflavin (39%), niacin (21%), vitamin B12 (120%), folate (9%), vitamin C (10%), potassium (9%), calcium (35%), magnesium (8%), phosphorus (36%), zinc (8%), iodine (44%).

About Cravendale:

Cravendale isn’t just any milk – its filtered to make it purer, removing more of the bacteria which causes milk to sour, meaning that it tastes fresher and lasts up to four days longer in your fridge than standard milk. Cravendale is available in skimmed, semi skimmed and whole varieties in 500ml, 1 and 2 litre sizes from all good retailers. Cravendale also comes in Half Pint 284ml bottles for drinking on the go, available in natural semi skimmed, Milk+Strawberry and Milk+Banana.
Want to learn more about why milk matters at Cravendale? Check out

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