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UnLtdWorld, the social network for social entrepreneurs today announced the launch of an array of new features, including a bookmarklet to microblog from anywhere, enhancements to its messaging and invitation systems and the integration of new views within the Research Lab, the world’s first dynamic mapping of social entrepreneurship.

UnLtdWorld, the online platform for social entrepreneurs, today launches an array of new features and enhancements to its platform.

Amongst the new features announced, additional views have been integrated within the UnLtdWorld Research Lab, the world’s most powerful mapping of social entrepreneurship, and first to dynamically and deeply integrate into a social network. These new views enable members to visualize a breakdown of all data around a specific location and relevant to their personal network.

UnLtdWorld also announced plans to release a series of APIs in the following weeks to enable anyone to access the data within the Research Lab for comparative analysis and dynamic use within mash-ups, data-sets and applications anywhere on the web.

UnLtdWorld, also launched a bookmarklet to enable its members to share interesting links and content, and “microblog” from any webpage. The bookmarklet button can be dragged and dropped into any browser’s bookmarks. Shared items not only appear in real time within Friend and Neighbourhood (a feature which intelligently matches members around parameters of similarity, such as location, issues of interest and skills) activity streams, but at the same time, along with the accompanying comment, are automatically posted within the ShoutBox, UnLtdWorld’s microblogging platform. Using RSS feeds, members are able to sync Shouts with other services, such as Twitter, Facebook Notes and FriendFeed; the bookmarklet therefore enables users to easily and simultaneously share content across multiple services.

UnLtdWorld has also released a series of enhancements to existing functionality, including making all messages sent via the site directly readable within emails and introducing the possibility to message members of a group and event directly from UnLtdWorld’s messaging interface.

Members on UnLtdWorld can now also import their contacts from popular webmail services and invite these contacts to join UnLtdWorld.

UnLtdWorld also introduced a series of enhancements to its content categorisation, search, user-interface and privacy settings.

Established in March 2008, in the UK, with support from UnLtd – the foundation for social entrepreneurs - connects thousands of social entrepreneurs worldwide, including some of the biggest names in social enterprise.

During the Start-up 2.0 2008 award’s 10th Digital Global Congress in Barcelona; which was partnered by Microsoft, La Caixa Bank and Sun Microsystems, was declared the runner up. The prestigious competition sought to promote and reward the most innovative European start-ups that work in the field of Web 2.0 technologies.

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Further Information

UnLtdWorld is aimed at connecting social entrepreneurs, social innovators, socially-minded people and organisations that invest their efforts in changing the world for the better, and enabling these audiences to find and share targeted information.

Most social networks are built around relevance of contacts and broadcast information within circles of acquaintances. UnLtdWorld is about commonality of purpose: fostering new connections and matching information through the power of community and relevance of context and content.

For example through a feature called Neighbourhoods, members are dynamically matched around parameters of similarity, such as location, issues of interest and skills.

On UnLtdWorld you can connect with others, search and share resources and opportunities, find and list services and products, share answers to key questions, create and join groups, promote and find events, support inspiring projects and lots more.

UnLtdWorld is established on the principle that social entrepreneurship is not a special interest, but a complex market with specific dynamics. Social enterprise in fact now contributes to over 1% of GDP in the UK. UnLtdWorld isn’t about duplicating or substituting real world dynamics, but aims to complement and add value to the array of fantastic positive action and efforts happening around the planet, and thereby enable even greater impact.
This may for example mean, dynamically linking individuals working in the same location on similar issues, efficiently connecting buyers and sellers of relevant products and services, more effectively linking diverse stakeholders and groups, or making it easy for social entrepreneurs to learn from each other while sharing information and building knowledge collaboratively.

In parallel to fostering a vibrant community, UnLtdWorld aims to help build the capacity of social entrepreneurship, and enhance the efficiency of relations between social entrepreneurs, relevant stakeholders and the general public. We aim to do this mainly through the UnLtdWorld Research Lab, the world's most powerful mapping and graphing of social entrepreneurship, and of social and environmental issues. Through the Research Lab, UnLtdWorld provides critical social insight. Anyone, no matter their size, can access, use and take advantage of this platform, and by doing so co-create even greater value.

Beyond technology, our focus is on people that are investing their energy in changing their communities and the world for the better. Our efforts, passion and enthusiasm is in providing the most powerful possible platform to support the true innovators and enablers of positive impact – those that in unexpected ways can change the way the world is.

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Editorial notes:

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- UnLtdWorld aims to foster a community of socially-minded people

- Over 10 minutes spent in average per user on the site per day, 15 pages viewed/user/day, 1000s of objects added to the site

- On average one in three members logs in everyday.

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- UnLtdWorld is supported by UnLtd – The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs

UnLtd – The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs

- UnLtd is a unique and dynamic organisation whose mission is to reach out and unleash the energies of social entrepreneurs

- UnLtd provides a complete package of funding and support, to help these individuals make their ideas a reality.

- Since launching in 2002, UnLtd has supported over 7000 individuals across the UK.

- For more information visit our website at

UnLtdWorld is powered by Elgg
- Elgg is an open platform that allows anyone to build socially aware applications.


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