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- Under 25s Heading For A Health Disaster-

Aching backs, creaking knees, stooped shoulders – this may evoke images of our grandparents, but the reality is that this may be the fate awaiting Britain’s under-30s.

Research released today by MBT footwear reveals that problems usually associated with OAPs are increasingly being seen in youngsters. Under 18s are 10 times more likely than their parents to suffer backache from a young age. Hip pain has increased fiftyfold over one generation . Painful knees are afflicting 63% of the under 18 population – compared to only 3% of 55 year olds who experienced knee problems in their youth.

Self-medication is the answer for many youngsters – a third of under 25s (32%) regularly take painkillers to ease their aches and pains, worrying that they will be seen as a time-waster by doctors.

So what is causing us to grow old before our time? As well our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, longer working hours and lack of exercise, experts from MBT believe that the answer may lie in the very ground we walk on. As the natural landscape is flattened out to make way for concrete jungle, problems like backache, poor posture, ankle injuries and joint pain are increasing.

Joshua Wies, Chartered Physiotherapist and Director of the MBT Academy, says:
“It is very worrying that under 18s are experiencing problems that are usually associated with OAPs – are we going to start seeing teenagers in treatment for hip problems, a problem that just a decade ago was reserved solely for the over 60s?

“City life is behind many of these issues – the flat surfaces we walk on rob us of any stimulus, preventing our muscles being used properly and leading to posture issues, painful joints and misalignment of the spine.

“MBTs are one way to alter the impact of the flat world as they create a surface that’s more like the natural terrain we were designed to walk on. They’ve been created to help us walk as nature intended, turning the flat ground we walk on every day into an uneven surface, which challenges our muscles, making them work harder for a stronger, healthier body.”

According to MBT, under 25s are playing with their health by:

• Wearing high heels – one in ten young women wear killer heels at least three days a week, leading to postural issues and lower back pain
• Pounding the pavements – 84% walk on concrete all day, with no exposure to any natural terrain at all
• Slouching – 58% walk around with permanently hunched shoulders, and one in ten admit their friends say they have terrible posture

To explore the problems being created by the flat world, and to help counteract the impact of flat, MBT has launched the Flat is Bad Report, which includes advice from MBT Academy Experts in the fields of physiotherapy, fitness, personally training, pilates, podiatry, sports science and orthopaedic surgery.


For copies of the report, expert advice, case studies or to arrange an interview with Joshua Weis or the rest of the MBT Academy, please contact Clare, Tallulah or Katie at Cow PR.
Tel: 020 7684 6969 Email:

The Flat is Bad report combines specially commissioned research with Fly Research of 1,050 people in the UK; government and health organisation statistics; plus insight and advice from physiotherapy, podiatry, sports science, complementary health and orthopaedic experts.

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