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A Beverly Hills Dermatologist and South Beach Psychiatrist
Share Their Secrets…


June 2008/London - It’s no secret that humans are obsessed by beauty. After all, research shows that beautiful people earn more money, get further ahead in their careers and are generally happier, but what is the source of lasting beauty? In The Beauty Prescription – The Complete Formula for Looking and Feeling Beautiful(McGraw-Hill, £13.99, September 2008), Beverly Hills dermatologist, Dr. Debra Luftman, and South Beach Psychiatrist, Dr. Eva Ritvo, combine their expertise to take a unique look at the beauty of the body and mind to create an inspirational guide to feeling beautiful, inside and out.

Dr. Debra and Dr. Eva, ‘The Beauty and Brain Doctors', reveal that beauty isn’t just skin deep - how you feel about yourself and act towards the world around you has as much to do with your beauty as your weight or the quality of your skin. They have discovered in their individual practices that women who feel good on the inside, mirror that feeling on the outside. A positive self-image and emphasis on individual strengths is an important as a healthy environment, a sensible diet and an effective skin regimen. Inner and outer beauty perfectly complement each other in a “beauty-brain loop.”

Dr. Eva says that psychological well-being is a vital part of beauty. Self-confidence is an intention, a state of mind. Want to be beautiful instantaneously? Look in the mirror and just think: Other people see you as 20 per cent better looking than you see yourself! Have you been telling yourself that you’re less attractive than you actually are?

By focusing on your best qualities, allowing your best attributes and uniqueness to shine through, enhances the practical recommendations of Dr. Debra, who prescribes top medical advice on how to keep your skin, hair and body in the best possible condition with a life time plan for women from 20 and beyond for staying beautiful (20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60+).

When you really make the most of what you've been given, you'll feel great - and exude confidence. This is The Beauty Prescription – a new definition of beauty that goes beyond airbrushed looks.

The book also includes:

Beauty Stories: real-life clinical examples, composites of some of the authors’ patients whose problems and resolutions offer important lessons about becoming more beautiful inside and out.

Beauty Boosters: practical low-cost ‘quick fixes to’ make yourself look and feel better.

Beauty Busters: Dr. Debra and Dr. Eva look at the myths and separate fact from fiction.

Beauty Pearls: Prominent women share their wisdom on what makes a woman beautiful.

Beauty R/X: Specific steps you can take towards a more beautiful you, inside and out.

The Beauty Prescription strings together the four elements of the beauty-brain loop – inner beauty, health, outer beauty and the environment – to help bring beauty into your own environment, from your lifestyle and skincare, to your diet and self-esteem.

‘The Beauty and Brain Doctors’ also demonstrate that beauty isn’t just some shallow preoccupation, we have been genetically hard wired since time began to be attracted to beauty as a way to assess genetic fitness. Beauty actually sets off complex reward circuitry in our brains that compels us to want what we find beautiful!

Subconsciously we like to please those who are good-looking and allow ourselves to be easily persuaded by them - physically attractive people get special treatment from all of society including employers, potential mates…and even their own mothers! So making the most of what you’ve got and maximising your potential for the very best you does not make you vain. It makes you smart! By taking better care of our inner beauty at every stage of our lives (including our confidence, emotional wellness and attitude), and maximising our outer beauty (fitness, skincare, weight and make up) we can really look and feel beautiful.


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The Beauty Prescription – The Complete Formula for Looking and Feeling Beautiful, Price £13.99
ISBN: 9780071547635 - September 2008

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Debra Luftman, M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist with a busy private practice in Beverly Hills. Having entered the field of cosmetic dermatology when it was still in its infancy, Dr.Debra is now an authority on numerous anti-ageing treatments and constantly researches the latest technologies. She teaches general dermatology and skin surgery at the University of California Los Angeles and lectures on topics including laser surgery, liposuction, skin ageing, acne, cosmetic fillers and sun damage.

Eva Ritvo, MD. understands the importance between self-esteem, outer beauty and overall health. Her quest is to communicate a holistic approach to redefine beauty. She is an Associate Professor and Vice Chairman at the Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences and the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Florida. She is an international speaker with significant TV experience.


Q: What was the inspiration for THE BEAUTY PRESCRIPTION?

A: We began to notice in our separate practices that we were seeing similar types of patients, women who came for therapy because of anxiety or depression, and had let their appearance deteriorate. It became clear that a book that addressed both sides of the beauty coin was called for.

Q: What is “The Beauty-Brain Loop?”

A: It’s the connection between inner beauty, which is your self-esteem, confidence and the attitude with which you approach the world, and outer beauty, which is everything from your fitness and weight to your skin care and makeup. The two are interconnected in a way that most people don’t realize.

When you have poor self-esteem, for instance, it affects your self-care, your facial expressions, even your posture. When you know you’re overweight or are unhappy with your appearance, it can increase anxiety and depression.

Q: What’s the most unique aspect of THE BEAUTY PRESCRIPTION?

A: The book passages entitled “Beauty Buddies.” We came up with the idea to talk to pairs of women— friends, sisters, mothers and daughters — who share their beauty time and support each other in their efforts to look and be their best. We interviewed pairs of famous women, actresses, politicians, and so on.

We also interviewed women who we know but aren’t famous, and got their stories, too. It’s a great collection of personal relationships that we think readers will love.

Q: Who are the women that you want to reach with your book?

A: We want to reach any woman who wants to live her life with complete beauty. Even younger women in their twenties, who may not worry as much about the effects of time on their looks, don’t want to be thought of as just a pretty face. Yet often that’s what happens.

Any woman can benefit from the main message, which is that your physical appearance helps shape your mental and emotional health, and your mental and emotional health is reflected in your physical appearance. It’s impossible to separate the two. If you want to be radiant and attractive and magnetic for life, you need to become healthier and more beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

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