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“Our clients will now be able to provide e-commerce solutions, such as e-invoicing, e-purchase orders and mortgage applications, based on Microsoft® Office, making it a natural extension of their business tools.,” said Gerry O’Brien, CEO of Avoco Secure. “Avoco Secure adds the capability to Microsoft Office of secure signing of Excel. In key scenarios, the additional features help to meet regulatory requirements for government, international banking/financial standards as well as national health care needs."

secure2signXL is an advanced digital signing tool which is integrated into Microsoft® Office Word or Excel in a manner that allows and encourages, natural document signing: secure2signXL makes signing documents as quick and easy as picking up a pen

secure2signXL enables you to digitally sign and timestamp Microsoft® Office Excel spreadsheets so that it can be shown that the document:

* Has not been altered since it was signed. (Proof of content.)
* Existed in this form at the time it was time-stamped. (Proof of existence.)

In addition secure2signXL allows the signer to associate an electronic approval with their signature which shows why they are signing that document at that point in time, some examples include:

* Approved – Final – Audited - etc

Other features include:

* Time-stamping from an authorized time stamp time source.
* Optional visible signature.
* Check for revocation status of digital certificate – if revoked, can’t sign
* Support for two-factor digital signing
* Support for unlimited number of signatures on the same document / spreadsheet
* Secure2signXL allows signing of cell ranges / worksheets or entire workbooks
* Helps with compliance such as ESIGN, etc.
* Support for smart cards and eTokens

Unlike other digital signing tools, secure2signXL checks Microsoft® Office documents for potentially malicious content before you sign, to ensure that you don't sign content that you are unaware of, or that may display differently at a later date. As well as allowing users to add digital signatures to a spreadsheet, secure2signXL also ensures that any changes made to a spreadsheet are audited, for example, if a cell was changed from 45,000 to $450,000, after a signature was applied and unbeknown to the signer, then this change would be reflected in the signature as a cell change

In addition, unlike other digital signing tools, secure2signXL:

* Does not use ActiveX controls, macros or Visual Basic code. The ability to sign without introducing active content:
* Eliminates the possibility of active content being maliciously exploited.
* Prevents the problem of firewalls filtering out documents with active content.
* Avoids conflicts with using documents with active content in secure environments.
* Ensures compatibility with Microsoft® Office 2007 default native file formats (.xlsx) that specifically exclude any active elements (ActiveX, scripts or macros).
* Is resistant to the attacks that have been shown to affect other signing programs.

Uniquely, secure2signXL supports IdenTrust bank-issued digital certificates, EiD schemes and the US Government HSPD12 PIV cards.

* Secure2sign is also available for Microsoft Office Word.

Avoco Secure is the premier Enterprise Security, Authentication and Signature solution provider. Avoco’s principal areas of focus are security applications providing document content security and authentication. Avoco products are easy to use because they are transparent, they are flexible so that they can grow and change with your organization and they are extremely cost effective. A major part of Avoco’s efforts are directed at developing and supplying software for military, government and major corporate groups where protection of intellectual property is of paramount importance. Avoco Secure's secure2sign and secure2trust software opens the doors of your enterprise, by controlling access to, securing the use of document content and enabling the use of digital signatures for signing and audit. secure2trust provides unparalleled access control options including a unique combined authentication feature. secure2sign also provides document signing and allows multiple digital signatures to be placed on electronic documents. As well as flexible restriction options secure2trust secures document content as it is created; and the content is persistently secured both inside and outside of your organization creating Secure Information Sharing through the application of secure and trusted digital rights management.

For more information contact:

Avoco Secure:

Sandy Porter
Tel: +1 415 839 9433 / +44 1929 480806

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