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Live Native is a collection of seven premium quality, hand made skin foods that harness nature’s proven, moisturising and skin care agents – Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera juice. Each product has been specifically created to address a particular skin and hair care need – for men and women, mums and babies. There’s an everyday moisturiser and a sex lubricant. Live Native literally has something for every body.

Hand made on the Isle of Skye by young partners Vicky Ewbank and Ian Ryder, Live Native products are ‘nature intact’. In other words, the ingredients are used in the form that nature provided. The creams are raw-blended without heat to create exceptionally rich, ‘live’ recipes of naturally occurring enzymes, phytonutrients, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and active healing plant phytochemicals.

THE RANGE (prices at the foot of this release)

The entire range is raw, vegan, organic and with fairly traded ingredients where possible. No animal products (or testing), mineral oils, hydrogenated oils,colourings, phthalates, preservatives, parabens or petroleum by-products, alcohol or unnatural stabilizers have been used in any Live Native product.

Essential Woman with Frangipani
Super absorbent moisturiser for all-over face and body conditioning.
This premium quality, super absorbent skin care cream is scented with the essential oil of frangipani – a heady and exotic aroma with a distinctly feminine fragrance that will linger to convey a deeply alluring, sensual and almost provocative presence. Frangipani is said to remind us of the beauty of our soul’s infinite journey. Rose oil has been added for its relaxing and therapeutic properties. Essential Woman is rich with nature’s most effective raw-blended moisturising agents to leave skin revitalised, beautifully nourished and soft.
Apply as a daily moisturiser for all skin types.

Head to Toe for men
Premium bathroom equipment for men.
This spicy aromatic multi-purpose balm is ideal for grooming, remedial and all-over daily head to toe moisturiser. Use after bath, gym, swim and sun. It’s also suitable after shaving and can be used regularly as a natural (nutrient rich raw-blend) alternative to petroleum based ‘regular-hold’ hair styling gels. Massage a small amount into dampened hair to style, to deeply nourish and to condition split hair and dry flaky scalp.
Use head to toe - on hair, after shaving and all over your body…

Fresh Feet
A readily absorbed, aroma-therapeutic revitalising balm that is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.
Massage, moisturise and revive over-walked feet with this uniquely raw-blended premium quality balm that swiftly sinks into the feet to deeply nourish and revitalise. Use regularly for fresh, healthy feet.
Massage firmly but lovingly all over your feet after your bath or shower.

Everybody Every Day
A gentle, all-over body low-allergenic skin food for all the family.
This is the perfect Skin Food for everybody every day and ideal for sensitive, problem or damaged skin. It’s specifically raw-blended without essential oils to gently penetrate and deeply nourish. It has enhanced levels of nurturing Aloe Vera that is absorbed quickly and cleanly into the skin where the healing benefits can be enjoyed immediately.
Can help protect against infection after bathing and can soothe and calm skin after a day outdoors and sun exposure.
Apply all-over as a moisturiser after sun, sports and bathing.

Pure Natal
A gently soothing pre and post-natal moisturiser for delicate and irritated skin.
Pure Natal is perfect for mother and baby with specially chosen raw-blended ingredients with unique nourishing properties for delicate skin. Being mildly antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it could help soothe and heal irritated skin, sore or cracked nipples and torn perineum. Use regularly throughout pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks.
For babies, apply liberally after nappy changes and bathing when the skin is most vulnerable to infection. Mums may apply whenever – and wherever! – it’s needed as a remedial moisturiser.

Love Lube
A seductively aromatic sex lubricant that is free from preservatives.
Love Lube is a luscious, premium quality sex lubricant that moisturises and then absorbs cleanly. The sensuously aromatic raw-blend of essential oils including Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Frangipani have a particular affinity with the sexual organs. The coconut oil base of Love Lube contains three important Fatty Acids – Lauric, Caprylic and Capric, which are all known to have anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects.
Rub plenty all over your imagination! (Not recommended for use with latex condoms.)

Deep Hair Repair
A deeply conditioning coconut oil treatment that revitalizes hair and restores softness and shine.
This deeply penetrating coconut oil hair treatment, for men and women, is readily absorbed to help reduce loss of protein from the hair shaft for full body and a healthy shine. With Rosemary, Tea Tree and Neem essential oils, it helps to improve circulation and maintain a healthy scalp.
Simply massage a small amount into hair and scalp. Allow to absorb for at least 1 hour (preferably overnight!). Then wash hair thoroughly and condition as normal.

For more information, samples, images or details about the individual products, ingredients and their properties, contact:
Katherine Selby, PR Workshop, 0208 657 4422,

BUY on-line at or call O7912 978 6O8 for direct purchases, sales enquiries or your nearest stockist.

They come as individual pots in a choice of sizes and in combination gift packs for a special treat or special person!

Prices are for 15ml, 30ml and 120ml respectively

Essential Woman
£10.99 £17.99 £34.99
Head to Toe for Men
£10.99 £17.99 £34.99
Everybody Every Day
£9.99 £15.85 £31.99
Pure Natal
£9.99 £15.85 £31.99
Love Lube
£9.99 £16.50 £32.99
Deep Hair Repair
£9.99 £15.85 -
Fresh Feet
£9.99 £15.85 -

THE ISLAND BAG comes in a choice of three twin pack combinations (for him, her and unisex). Each contains 2 x 30ml jars concealed amid a generous sheath of standing raffia.

1. You Sexy Beast You, £28.99, Head to Toe for Men + Love Lube
2. Quality Me Time, £28.99, Essential Women + Fresh Feet
3. Love Every Day, £28.99, Everybody Every Day + Love Lube

THE WILDERNESS GIFT BOX Feel free to choose any combination of creams in 15ml or 30ml jars. Boxed in satin black and nestled within a swirl of raffia all gift boxes are custom filled, so individual purchases must be ordered directly from Live Native.

1. Any combination 2 x 15ml jars
£24.99 Add £5.00 per extra 15ml jar – maximum of 4 jars

2. Any combination 2 x 30ml jars - £34.99

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