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UK ‘Stress’ Culture Causing More Headaches than ever before

The nation is overwhelmed by stress, with half the population reporting they suffer once a week – and it’s giving rise to a worrying new health trend1.

Over a third of Britons surveyed (38%) – approximately 20.3 million people in the whole population – say they have more headaches than ever before, according to new research from makers of Anadin Extra*.

Despite this worrying side effect of modern life, nearly a quarter (23%) of Brits interviewed believe that stress is actually good for them.

And women in particular are most likely to be suffering. Nearly a third (29%) say they’re plagued by stress headaches compared to a quarter (23%) of men.

When it comes to how this new lifestyle pain is manifesting itself, 43% are reporting a debilitating pain or pressure behind the eyes. A third (33%) say it’s like a tight band being pressed around the head, according to the Anadin survey.

Not surprisingly, doctors are also reporting a rise in patients coming into the surgery with headache problems. Dr Moheb Shalaby, a GP with a special interest in pain, says:
“I see more and more people reporting that they are suffering from the consequences of stress, including headaches. And these sorts of tension headaches can go on for several days - affecting a patient’s ability to concentrate at work and get on with normal life. Stress headaches are preventable but it does require us to recognise the link between tension and head pain and then to try and kick the stress habit - even if we do lead a fast moving, high pressure lifestyle.”

Meanwhile, despite the huge numbers of sufferers, a massive 83% reported not taking the most effective OTC tablet for headache. Combination painkillers such as Anadin Extra which contain aspirin and paracetamol have been proven to be faster and more effective for treating stress headaches than products which contain aspirin or paracetamol as a single ingredient2. Only 17% are taking this type of treatment.

Dr Shalaby continues:

“If you do get a tension headache it is treatable but many people do not realise that some painkillers are more effective for stress headaches than others. Try taking a combination treatment which contains aspirin, paracetamol and caffeine which are available at all local pharmacies”.


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Notes to Editors:

* Trade Mark

. YouGov Research 7th April 2008. All data in this release has come from this source unless otherwise referenced

2. A total of 1983 patients were involved in the multi-centre, randomised, double blind placebo controlled study in Germany with subjects ranging from 18 to 65 years old. The research was conducted by H.C. Diener, V. Pfaffenrath, L. Pageler, H. Peil, B. Aicher and originally published in 2005 in Cephalalgia, issue 25, pp776-787. The combination used in the study was 250mg aspirin, 200mg paracetamol and 50mg caffeine. Anadin Extra contains 300mg aspirin, 200mg paracetamol and 45mg caffeine.

3. Anadin* Extra contains aspirin, paracetamol and caffeine – a combination proven by research to be faster than individual OTC tablets for tension headache. Anadin Extra is available from pharmacies, newsagents and supermarkets without prescription in 8 packs (RRP £1.44), 12 packs (RRP £1.99) or 16 packs (RRP £2.49). Always read the label.

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