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Going up a dress size? – It could be down to stomach stress

In the UK, women say that their waists regularly go up 2.3 inches in size – and it’s not down to yo yo dieting .

Over a quarter of women (27%) find they can expand by as much as a whole dress size when suffering from an upset stomach with bloating, according to the new Imodium Plus survey. Experts have linked this condition to our busy stressful lives.

The research, in conjunction with expert psychologist Dr. Lewis, revealed that two-thirds of UK women achieved ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ life balance levels . With high stress levels and little time to eat and exercise properly, the chance of women developing stress related digestive health problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and diarrhoea is significantly increased . Despite this only a fifth of women (20%) in the UK believe that stress can be associated with diarrhoea and bloating.

This modern lifestyle phenomenon is affecting the self-esteem and happiness of many women in the UK. According to the Imodium Plus survey, over half of female sufferers feel self-conscious (52%) and unattractive (56%) with 60% stating their clothes don’t fit them properly because of bloating as a result of an upset stomach. A further one in two (47%) say they just don’t enjoy life when they are bloated, with one in 10 (8%) even say it’s affecting their work.

The majority of women are aware that stress is detrimental to their health, even if most still haven’t made the link to stomach upsets and diarrhoea. Two thirds (63%) wish they could reduce the amount of stress in their lifestyle.

In terms of how often women in the UK suffer from diarrhoea, the Imodium Plus survey revealed that nearly a fifth (19%) are plagued by the problem more than once a month, and it is younger women who are incapacitated the most with not only an upset stomach but the associated/additional symptoms such as bloating - almost half (47%) of 18-24 year olds questioned suffer compared to 35% of all women. One in four (25%) say they’d like to do something about it – but just don’t know how to treat this problem.

Experts are coining the poor digestive health trend ‘stomach stress’. Nick Read, a gastroenterology expert and the author of 'Sick and Tired', Healing the Illnesses Doctors Cannot Cure explains; “The increase in the incidence of IBS and regular bouts of diarrhoea, cramps and bloating, particularly for those with stress-prone personalities, clearly demonstrate that the effects of stress for many women are commonly felt in the stomach. Fortunately though, by improving their lifestyles, managing their stress levels and self-medicating with products to relieve the symptoms, stomach stress is completely treatable.”

To help women reduce stomach stress and get their life back into balance Dr. Lewis has developed a website:


For further information and survey results, please contact Lucy Jones at Spink
on 01444 484888 or email

Notes to editors:

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Always read the label.

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