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Despite 88% of people rating sight as their most important sense, 93% of Brits don’t realise everyday Ultra Violet rays can damage their eye sight. Nearly all respondents were however aware that exposure to UV rays can result in skin cancer.

With the longest day of the year tomorrow, it is extremely worrying that Brits are not clued up that damage caused by harmful rays can be irreversible. Children are especially vulnerable to the damaging effects as their eyes receive three times more UV light than adults.

The survey undertaken by IPSOS for Transitions Optical shows that eye care in general is very low on our priority list. These figures are particularly concerning given that our eyes are exposed to 80% of invisible UV rays even on cloudy days.

Despite this lax attitude, 88% rate eyesight way above hearing, taste, touch and smell. 8 out of 10 people also say that eyes are the first part of the body they notice when they meet someone!

The longest day of the year marks the beginning of summer but means that we are exposed to even more harmful UV rays as the higher the sun is in the sky, the higher the level of UV radiation we experience on earth, even on days when the sun might not be shining brightly.

Transitions Optical has a UV index on their website – for people to check levels of UV light local to them.

The most effective way for specs wearers to protect their eyes on an everyday basis is to wear photochromic lenses. Transitions® Optical - the worldwide leader in photochromic lenses - offer a convenient option for glasses wearers by preventing juggling between sunnies and specs when moving from indoors to out. What’s more, they can be fitted into any designer frame, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Transitions lenses provide several benefits:

Glare – Transitions automatically adapt to outdoor light intensity thus enhancing the quality of your vision.
Eye Fatigue – Transitions lenses constantly even out light variations. Your eyes will feel more comfortable all day long.
UV Rays – Transitions lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, helping you preserve the health and well-being of your eyes.

Prolonged exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays can lead to sight problems in later life – cataracts, skin caner on eyelids, macular degeneration and sunburn to the cornea – all of which are irreversible.

Brits need to stop being blind to the facts and get UV aware. Transitions are a healthy, stylish and convenient solution for specs wearers everywhere.



• Children’s eyes receive three times more UV than adults

• Glare tends to affect individuals with lighter eye colours more than those with darker coloured eyes for the same reason that lighter skin is more susceptible to burning. There is less pigmentation.

• Throughout history, people have tried various ways to minimise the effects of bright light and glare. The Eskimos, while hunting and fishing, used whalebones with slits to reduce the glare off the ice.

• Variable tint lenses are gathering momentum as the must-have accessory for the fashion-conscious thanks to celebrity fans such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Notes to editors:

Transitions Lens are photochromic lenses that protect against UV light and help preserve the long-term health and well being of your eyes. or visit your local Optometrist.

Healthy Sight Research study carried out on behalf of Transitions Optical by IPSOS Health (survey base of 1001) in April 2008.

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T: 020 7553 3700

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