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Explode your comfort zone, shatter limiting beliefs &
boost your confidence instantly!

June 2008 - Imagine having the confidence and courage to go after all your goals – a successful career, rewarding relationships, a richer, fuller life. In Unstoppable Confidence – How to Use the Power of NLP to Be More Dynamic and Successful (October 2008, £8.99, McGraw-Hill), US-based NLP expert and former shy introvert, Kent Sayre, shows you how to start living your dreams with his step-by-step guide to becoming naturally and unstoppably confident - “if you can dream it, you can do it!”

Just one component separates people who are very successful from those who are not - that simple, life-enhancing component is CONFIDENCE. People who have confidence make their dreams become true because they take immediate, massive and repeated action and don’t give up until they’ve achieved their ideal lifestyle! With unstoppable confidence you start living your dreams because you take action and persist until you achieve your goals.

Many of us have lacked degrees of confidence at some point in our lives – in social, career and personal situations. Using his inside out approach to confidence, Kent shows how you can harness the power of NLP (the study of how verbal and nonverbal language affects our minds), to gain more natural confidence, achieve your own definition of success and lead your ideal lifestyle. With natural confidence, people become magnetically drawn to you because people like people who believe in themselves. Confidence plus competence equals success, because confident people appear more credible.

Kent’s proven system has already helped thousands of people to shatter their self-limiting beliefs, gain more confidence and go after their dreams. His book isn’t a collection of ‘pie in the sky’ theories or just ‘go for it’ pep talks. It’s a complete step-by-step programme of ready-to-use tools, verbal and nonverbal techniques and practical thinking exercises that direct your mind towards your goals By ‘doing the drills to get the skills’ you’ll learn how easy it is to interact with others and transform your confidence to embrace opportunities and enable yourself to be the person who you really are in any social situation. He also highlights his own personal highs and lows to becoming unstoppably confident along the way.

Kent believes his original shyness and anyone’s shyness is used as a label. People accept it and rationalise it, as they’re ‘shy stuck.’ He believes that we can decide to break free from it, as shyness is not a trait, it's just a way of acting. An NLP essential is that if you ‘act as if’ something is real for long enough you will eventually forget that you are only pretending, so it then becomes a habit. NLP also demonstrates that as we all share the same neurology whatever anyone can do, you can do as well – provided you direct your mind in the same way.

We can also pretend it and have it. With the mind and body part of a cybernetic system, the body influences the mind and the mind influences the body – by pretending to have confidence by re-living confident experiences in our mind, our body will adopt confident physiology. By directing your mind and body in the same way confident people do, you can and will create similar states of confidence within yourself.

Successful people learn to overcome fear – fear of change, the unknown, success or failure - which becomes a limiting factor for any shy person. This negative emotion can dominate every shy person’s life, and without addressing it can become a major obstacle. Accepting mistakes is actually a great way to learn and essential to personal growth. Confident people always ask ‘what’s it going to take to do this?’ and are confident about their mistakes, they become their own decision maker. They treat ‘goals as dreams with deadlines’, by taking action every day.

Unstoppable Confidence shows how to stop being intimidated by people; how to identify your own natural motivation style and how to use it to your advantage; techniques to triple your confidence; the nine factors for becoming unstoppably confident; how to effortlessly summon confidence at will, how to make confidence a lifelong habit and how to reclaim your dreams and immediately act upon them.

To succeed, being unstoppable confident means being proactive. Decide what you want, go after it and get it. Successful people plan their work and work their plan, so be prepared and relentlessly pursue the opportunities – go out there and make it happen with unstoppable confidence!


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About the author:

Kent Sayre is a certified NLP trainer. Being painfully shy in his teens and early 20s, Kent graduated with a master's degree in computer science and went to work for a major high tech company. After discovering some breakthrough methods for transforming himself, he quit his job, overcame his shyness, and went on to purchase two million dollars of real estate using none of his own money by the time he was 25. Today he conducts workshops & lectures and lives on the West Coast of America. He wrote Unstoppable Confidence to teach a wider audience how to transform a low level of confidence and achieve greater personal success using his own experiences and NLP techniques. He is also author of The Ultimate Persuasion Formula.

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