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A new business, Space Vac, is dedicated to solving the problems of the long term safe and secure storage and management of financial documents. Vacuum packing machines from Space Vac provide a secure protective plastic wrap around documents from which the air is removed – shrinking their volume. Documents that are vacuum packed are safe from damp, flood, mould spores, insects and prying eyes. In addition, reduced volume means reduced storage space costs.

Chris McCormack, managing director of Space Vac explained, “Long term safe document storage is a serious business issue. There is a statutory requirement to keep company accounts for a minimum of six years. Personnel records, contracts, leases and patents may need to be kept far longer. Experts suggest health and safety records and other documents related to public liability may need to be kept for up to 40 years.”

Unprotected documents in storage can deteriorate due to damp, mould, exposure to light and insect attack. Floods and fire are less likely, but an equally destructive force. Moreover, loose documents, perhaps just in cardboard storage boxes, are easily open to prying eyes.

Space Vac has access to many different materials. Pouches can be clear if it is important to see documents for identification, they can be obscured where confidentiality is important and they can be colour coded as an aid to management. Code or security numbers can be embossed in the seals of the pouches and any attempt at tampering with the packages will be evident.

In a severe fire the compressed airless bundle is safer than loose unprotected documents. There are other benefits as well, such as a substantial reduction in volume and storage space required – perhaps a significant factor in cities where office space is at a premium. Packed documents are also cleaner to handle, more easily managed and deter tampering. Vacuum packing documents can also reduce transportation costs if they are to be moved from one location to another.

Space Vac is a division of The Vacuum Pouch Company, a leading UK supplier of vacuum packaging systems. For organisations with a relatively small volume of documents to process on an annual cycle they can provide an on-site contract packing service.

For higher volume users the company can supply vacuum packing machines, training and consumables. Users can hire, lease or purchase outright. Machines range from small table-top models to industrial sizes for large objects and high volumes. The machines are extremely safe and easy to operate.

Space Vac will also supply the correct size, quantity and specification of vacuum pouch. These may be custom printed with names, logos, and other identifying or security marks where an organisation needs this service.

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Adam McCormack or Herb Bellis, Tel. +44 (0) 161 797 6600 Fax. +44 (0) 161 797 0077
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Space Vac, Abel House Complex, Leigh Street, Walshaw, Bury, BL8 3AL, UK

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