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The Shaman’s Last Apprentice is a true story that chronicles the extraordinary journey of one woman, Rebekah Bloom’s magical odyssey into the heart of the Amazonian Rainforest with the Shaman and his family, taking the sacred medicine plant, Ayahuasca, and being initiated into the ancient wisdom of the rainforest. Summoned from the mountains of Machu Picchu by a vision, Rebekah Bloom follows her dream and is led to a little village tucked away on a tributary of the Amazon River. There she learns the ancient wisdom of the Shaman, discovers the truth about herself and brings back the message of hope from this sacred place and these times of instability and change.

The Shaman’s Last Apprentice was written over twelve days in a natural trance like state in a secluded farmhouse in Hereford, England. Once it was finished, the author Rebekah Bloom knew that in order to retain the rights and preserve its essence she had to self-publish the book. There are many challenges to self-publishing; but for Rebekah Bloom, the advantages outweighed the negatives. It meant a slower road, greater risks and longer returns but she knew the rewards would be invaluable.

Rebekah Bloom was not chosen to become the Shaman’s apprentice because of some amazing gifts or psychic abilities that she has. Rebekah’s journey of self-discovery happened because she believed, without doubt and with all her heart, that there must be another way of living, without fear or suffering, a life where she was free. And she did not give up on this dream, even when it seemed impossible.

This story is also a warning from the Shaman to the West that we urgently need to change our relationship with each other, and with Mother Earth. Only by our choices can we end war and make this planet a Heaven on Earth. And yet change can only occur when each one of us takes the responsibility to change ourselves first. Rebekah Bloom quotes “Now it is time to wake up and evolve consciously, to start shining our light and spreading our love. You do not need to go to the rainforest to find your divinity. It is found when you are truly happy and at peace with yourself. It is an inner journey that is unique to each individual, a universal pilgrimage called life that we are all taking, consciously or unconsciously. We are not helpless. We are not caged. The path of conscious evolution is open to anyone who wishes to walk it”.

Word count: - 420

For further information on the book, to arrange an interview with Rebekah Bloom or to request a book for review contact Email: Lisa Roukin at

Notes to the Editor:

Price £13.00 available at Watkins Books London or directly through

ISBN 1904881017

About the author

Rebekah Bloom has travelled extensively and lived and worked with various indigenous groups. She has a BA Hons in the Study of Religions and MSc in Economic Development, both from SOAS, UCL in London. She has also self-published a book 'The Shaman's Last Apprentice,' based on her experiences as an initiate of a Peruvian 'Ayahuasquero' Shaman in the Amazon Rainforest in 1998. Returning to the West she worked with the World Travel and Tourism Council focusing on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility before leaving to 'become the change.' Her focus on ethical business and social and environmental sustainability has found expression in the' eco-economic' ethical model of HGS.

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