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London, July 16, 2008 -- Educational service uses Avoco’s secure2trust and secure2email to protect student academic forms from cyber‐predators and other threats.

The Christian Center for Learning Development is an educational service based in North Carolina, USA, specialising in the development of student inquiry skills though a program of strong mentoring. The center requires the use of academic forms which contain specific and personal details of students. The center has an obligation to guarantee the confidentiality of these forms as they contain student authored material and personal information.

An increasing threat to this type of information is in the form of cyber-predators, who commonly target the age group serviced by the center (The local school system removed all student photographs and personal information from their website because of the threat of cyber-predators) : The center not only needed a solution that would protect this information during creation, but also during the review and finalisation process which involves emailing the form between mentor and student. The solution they required to perform these actions needed to be able to offer:

1) Ability to collaborate securely on documents between external parties and the center
2) Option to use a number of different types of authentication as required to control access to documents and emails
3) Flexibility to change the protection during the review process as appropriate to the workflow stage
4) Securing the email as well as the document attachment

The market was researched for a product that would offer all of these benefits and it was decided after evaluation, to implement Avoco Secure’s secure2trust and secure2email document and email security solutions, to provide easy to use, low cost, effective security, for student academic forms.

Wolf Beerel, President & CEO of CCFLD: “Avoco has provided us with a fantastic way to apply the most appropriate mode of authentication and rights management to our sensitive e-mails and documents. Our clients, mostly parents of young adolescents, are very much concerned with digital security involving their children’s work and personal information. Secure2trust/e-mail has added a significant value to their experience of our service. As Avoco products are so universally compatible with other software, we look forward to maintaining their employment as we develop and differentiate our document management”

The process of creation and completion of these documents required that a different type of protection be applied to the use of the content at different stages of the review process. For example, during the process of review with mentors, the document can be edited but copying and printing of the content is not allowed: Once the document is complete it is then set as read only and emailed out to parents and teachers using secure2email to secure the email itself, for final agreement.

It is also a vital requirement of the system that the documents remain in the same format as they were authored so that collaboration and review can be as natural as possible.

Access to documents and emails is controlled using different types of authentication, taking advantage of the flexibility of supported access control methods in the Avoco Secure products. The center will select the most appropriate controls such as strong passwords and digital certificates for external third parties, and active directory for mentors, or possibly a combination of more than one of these options.

About Avoco Secure

Avoco Secure is an innovation company whose areas of focus are security, information assurance and privacy applications which enable End-to-End Trust. Avoco Secure products use an individuals (or groups) identity, other forms of authentication and policies, to apply controls to content access and use, or to digitally sign that content. It does this by encrypting the content, authenticating the users and controlling what they can do with that content. Resulting in paper workflows becoming electronic which saves time, money and meets green and compliance requirements.

Avoco Secure develops and supplies software for military, government, major corporate groups and individuals where protection of intellectual property is of paramount importance. Avoco Secure has a working relationship with a number of strategic partners and is providing solutions to the global market both directly and indirectly through partnerships.


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