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**NEW** Introducing a breakthrough in pregnancy testing, the new First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test, the only pregnancy test on the market that tells women six days before their missed period

First Response knows that there are thousands of women out there desperate to know whether they are pregnant or not. It is the waiting to find out if they have conceived that causes anxiety and strain for millions. In response to women’s demands, First Response has developed the technology to tell women sooner than ever before with a test that detects the pregnancy hormone 6 days before the day of their missed period.

As a leader in pregnancy products, First Response continually research to meet women’s needs. Many women are leaving motherhood until later, having spent many years telling their body not to get pregnant with contraception and will, they are now anxious to fall pregnant as soon as possible. It can take some time to get back in sync with your body so often women face months of waiting. It is these women that want to find out at the earliest opportunity, to allow them to make all the essential preparations to assist a successful pregnancy.

Nearly half of the women asked by First Response wanted to find out before their missed period.

Sharon Trotter, independent Midwife, says;
“By finding out as early as possible, women are able to start protecting their foetus and begin a healthier regime sooner than ever before. This is so important because neural tube defects in babies develop in the first 28 days after conception. Therefofre, the earlier women know, the better, so they can make informed choices for a healthy pregnancy.”

Helping women get pregnant for over 20 years, First Response is constantly seeking new ways to help women on their way to a successful pregnancy. The new Early Result Pregnancy Test has harnessed the power of technology to meet and fulfil the demands of women of today.

First Response is committed to helping women conceive, combining technology in the lab with experts on the ground. Their groundbreaking products are supported by the real life team of trained midwives on hand 24 hours to answer any question women may have surrounding conception, fertility, pregnancy and beyond with their free, confidential email service that allows women to contact a fully trained, registered Midwife. Women can send any question to the team of fully trained midwives via the First Response website. Within days they will receive a bespoke, personalised and practical response to their questions. Visit

About the test…

The new and improved First Response Early Result Pregnancy test can now detect the pregnancy hormone up to six days before a woman’s missed period – two days before other at-home tests. The most advanced test you can buy, it is accurate, simple to use, fast and clear – exactly what women want.

The proof

In clinical testing, First Response detected hormone levels consistent with pregnancy in 62% of women 5 days before their expected period (6 days before the day of their missed period), in 78% of women 4 days before their expected period, in 87% of women 3 days before their expected period and in 98% of women 2 days before their expected period.

First Response works by detecting the presence of human choronic gonadotropin (hCG), which begins to appear in the urine of pregnant women 8-10 days after conception. The new Early Result Test offers improved sensitivity to detect this hormone earlier than before.

The amount of hCG doubles every 36-48 hours as the pregnancy progresses. If the result of the test is negative, it is strongly advised to test again a few days later as the level of hCG in the urine at the time of testing might not have been high enough for the test to give a positive result.

Simple to use, fast and clear

First Response is extremely easy to use. The advanced technology works when a woman’s urine comes in contact with a specially treated strip in the plastic housing of the pregnancy test device.

After only three minutes, the test result appears in the housing window on the stick. Two pink lines indicate that hCG has been detected (pregnant); one pink line indicates that hCG has not been detected (not pregnant).


Single test, rrp £8.25, double pack, rrp £10.95 from Boots, Superdrug, Sainsbury’s and independent chemists nationwide.
First Response has trained midwives available for press comment on all pregnancy and birth matters.

For more information on First Response, interviews with trained midwife, case studies and product samples contact:
Kathy Rees, Catherine Chapman or Sophia Cottier
T, 0207 637 1237, E,


• First Response works by detecting the presence of hCG, which begins to appear in the urine of pregnant women 8-10 days after conception. The amount of hCG doubles every 36-48 hours as the pregnancy progresses and now the improved First Response test detects lower levels than ever before.

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