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PINoptic, the visual probabilistic one time password authentication security specialists, today announced the launch of PINoptic Cellsec™, a software based security one time password solution using the end-user’s existing mobile/cell phone so that they are authenticated on multiple levels without carrying additional hardware or placing additional cognitive loads on them.

PINoptic Cellsec works by prompting the user to send a one time password via their mobile handset when authenticating themselves over the internet. Their password consists of symbols and numbers with the symbols being displayed on the point-of-sale (ePOS) screen associated with different keys each time they come to ‘login’ at a point-of-sale. They enter a short-code on their handset followed by the numbers associated with their symbols shown to them on the point-of-sale screen and the server then verifies that the individual is at the ePOS terminal, that they are in possession of the mobile/cell phone and that they know their personal PIC code.

“Internet and PC based transactions have become so commonplace that security has become a major issue with simple dangers like shoulder-surfing and ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks undermining the most commonly used PIN and password solutions,” commented Colin Allison, CEO of PINoptic Ltd. “Instead of burdening the already security exhausted end-user with additional hardware such as sleeves and tokens to increase security, PINoptic Cellsec offers a solution that radically enhances their security levels and uses a device – the mobile handset – that most of us already carry around everyday.”

PINoptic Cellsec is an easy to integrate solution for authentication that allows the user to have a memorable picture password which can be re-used and easily remembered. When the user wants to ‘login’ they are presented with an on- screen display where their pictures (amongst a variety of others) are shown to them and randomly associated with a set of numbers or letters. By entering the relevant letters or numbers connected to their pictures in the correct order they generate a one-time password each time and enter this on their mobile handset not the computer, so providing two-channel one-time password security.

Key benefits of PINoptic Cellsec include:

- Secure authentication even if user is observed locally, eavesdropped or via man-in-the-middle attack;

- Two channel operation (typically internet out and USSD back) separates the challenge and the response makes it even more resilient to attack;

- Able to verify that the user is present at the display device and in possession of a known hardware token (handset)

- Uses existing handsets as a ubiquitous tokens or dongles which do not have to be produced and distributed specially.

- Uses low cost or free data channels to send the challenge and retrieve the response;

- Easy for the user to understand;

- Easy for the user to use;

- Secure.

PINoptic licenses the use of its software development kit which includes technical support, bespoke development training and customisable end-user training so that an authentication solution can be created to suit the installers needs and their unique IT/network environment.

Full technical information and an online demonstration are available at

Notes to Editors:

About PINoptic

PINoptic applies its Visual Probabilistic One Time Password (VPOTP) next- generation software to high security authentication applications. This delivers an easy to implement yet innovative, universal security solution with the strength required by even financial institutions. PINoptic maintains user simplicity through the use of pictures and symbols which appeals to a global market with differing literacy levels. Applications range from financial through to internet, mobile telecoms, corporate IT and access control. PINoptic’s vision is to become a defacto security standard and replace 99% of existing pin and password systems by 2012.

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