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July 2008


Having transformed what were once the most difficult or tiresome jobs in the home and garden with their innovative and convenient tool solutions, Black & Decker®, the world’s largest producer of power tools and accessories, are now promising to do the same for life on the road, with their new Automotive range.

Roadside Assistance

Any driver who has experienced a flat battery knows how inconvenient and potentially dangerous using jump leads can be. The need for another vehicle can often leave you stranded or having to rely on the help of strangers to get your car back on the road. Even more worryingly there are little-known risks, such as connecting the battery incorrectly in the heat of the moment can result in the eruption of hot acid, or an overheated wire which may set fire to insulation. Equally serious still is the risk that sparking at the battery may potentially ignite the hydrogen gas present, causing the battery to explode, resulting in blindness or severe personal injury to the driver.

However, now you can rely on Black and Decker® to make these fears a thing of the past. The new SIMPLE START™ battery booster gives suddenly discharged batteries the boost they need to restart in minutes, without the need of jump cables or even stepping outside the car. Gone are the days of struggling to open the bonnet and touching dangerous or dirty engine parts: with the SIMPLE START™ battery booster, now all you need to do is plug it in to the cigarette lighter, wait just 15 minutes, and you’ll soon be safely on your way.

The compact design also means that the SIMPLE START™ battery booster fits easily into most car glove compartments, meaning it’s always at hand for emergency situations. The Black & Decker® SIMPLE START™ battery booster is portable, cordless and rechargeable. Available for petrol engines up to 2L it is suitable for use on a wide range of vehicles, powering the battery through the 12 volt DC supply.

Also available from Black & Decker® is the Jump Starter. This powerful piece of kit can instantly jump start a flat car battery in seconds! There is no need for another car, all you need to do is apply the clamps, switch on the Jump Starter, turn on the ignition and crank the engine – you’ll be back on the road before you know it. The Jump Starter provides 450 instant starting Amps that can start up to 6.5L petrol engines and 4.0L diesels engines. This piece of kit is also one of the safest on the market place, as the jump start connection prevents sparking or a wrong connection to the vehicle battery thanks to its reverse hook up warning alarm.

Battery Maintenance

For the long term maintenance of batteries Black & Decker® has introduced a range of battery chargers. The Autoselect Battery Charger ensures that your vehicle’s batteries are always fully topped up and ready to go with its revolutionary approach to charging ensuring that it’s smarter, safer and faster than ever before. All models are designed with safety in mind and will not engage if the clamps are attached incorrectly. This dramatically reduces the risk of sparks or explosions compared to standard chargers.

The Black & Decker® models boast a three stage charge technology. The first stage delivers the maximum charge to ‘wake up’ any 12 volt battery bringing it up to 80% capacity. Absorption takes place during the second stage and brings the battery up to 100% of its capacity, while the third stage ensures that the battery remains fully charged indefinitely, through a trickle charge process.

The Black & Decker® battery chargers offer maximum versatility, with lead acid batteries including wet, GEL and AGM. This means they can be used across a range of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, boats, farm equipment and even lawnmowers. The Amp Automatic Battery Charger features an engine start, which means the unit is capable of jump starting vehicles with a flat battery within 90 seconds.

Travel Cooler: heats, cools and freezes on the move

The Black & Decker® Travel Cooler, Warmer and Freezer provides even more flexibility on the road. Ideal for long journeys, festival weekends or camping trips, the multi-functional device can cool food and drink to 27°C below ambient temperatures or warm it to 50°C, depending on the needs of the driver.

The model has a nine litre capacity and is fitted with a mat that creates a freezer compartment and ice tray; it also has a dual drinks can holder. The Travel Cooler’s compact design means that it will fit on a car seat or in a footwell for easy access, with a carry strap perfect for al fresco dining.

The Cooler/Warmer is powered through the 12 volt DC supply and is equipped with a thermo-electric system which keeps food and drink at the proper temperature, compensating for hot summer days or cold winter nights. The unit is also capable of detecting your vehicles battery charge status and the auto shut off feature will automatically stop the unit to prevent draining of the vehicle battery.

Lighting Products

The Light Bar™ light is a cordless, ultra bright LED bar which is ideal for use when working on the car, outdoors, or in the home. It is fitted with a swivel hanging hook which attaches easily to car bonnets, lighting up hard to reach places and runs off a rechargeable battery with up to 5.5 hours run time.

The Light Bar™ light is indispensable both for use in storage areas such as the loft and shed, emergencies such as late night break downs and more leisurely use at night on a camping trip. Its polycarbonate break resistant housing means that it’s very durable when in use. It can survive excessive impact without shattering, making this the perfect accessory for rummaging around in the roof or lighting the workshop. With 5.5 hours running time and over 10,000hrs of bulb life, you can always rely on the Light Bar™ light.

Black & Decker® have now added a Mini Light Bar™ to the range – a great solution for times when a power source is not available as the Mini Light Bar™ runs off AA batteries. It offers the same great durability and a 14 hour run time, a great option when a more compact product that fits in backpack is required.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more hard core, try the Black & Decker® Multi Spot Light Plus Power Source. This heavy duty torch boasts quartz halogen bulbs which deliver a bright tight beam. The rubber backed pistol grip design provides balance and comfort whilst the weather resistant housing ensures added durability whatever the weather.
Not only can you charge this beast of a torch at home, but the DC vehicle adapter means it can also be recharged in you car. Better still, it boasts a 12 volt DC power outlet, which can be used to power/recharge other DC appliances such as mobile phones and digital cameras.


Note to Editors:

BLACK & DECKER is a registered trademark of the Black & Decker Corporation.
SIMPLESTART™ and LIGHT BAR™ are trade marks of the Black & Decker Corporation.
The Black & Decker® Automotive Range is available from Argos, Homebase and B&Q.

BDV030 Simple Start™ - SSP £52.99
BDV1084 Battery Charger - SSP £64.99
BDV1085 Battery Charger 80 amp - SSP £84.99
BDBB26 Light Bar™ - SSP £32.99
BDLB14 Mini Light Bar™ - SSP £27.99
BDV212F Travel cooler/warmer - SSP £74.99
BDV012 Jump Starter - SSP £74.99
BDV158 Multi Spot Light Plus Power Source - SSP £57.99

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