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Statistics show that 5 million people (12%) in the UK do not use a deodorant, and research from Sanex* has revealed that this is driven by a number of reasons: from those consumers who feel they just don’t need to use a deodorant, to those who would rather use a product that they feel is more natural on their skin.

The natural world is able to sustain itself and contains and produces all it needs to protect and renew. Your skin works in much the same way and is capable of helping to regulate body temperature and naturally protecting itself.

According to Dr Emma Edmonds, a Consultant Dermatologist working on behalf of the British Skin Foundation:

“Although it can be unpleasant, sweating is basically your body’s way of controlling your body temperature and keeping you cool in hot weather, or when you’re exercising. Sweat itself does not smell. The scent we associate with body odour occurs when the bacteria on the skin’s surface start to break down the sweat”

However, there are ways of helping to control this body odour, naturally. Dr. Emma Edmonds gives her three top tips:

-Keep your skin clean by regularly washing to help control the bacteria and therefore odour

-Wear natural fibres, like cotton, as they allow the skin to breathe and loose clothing will also help keep you cool

-Use a deodorant, which serves to counter the body odour that is associated with sweating and can include a perfume

Dr. Emma Edmonds continues:

“Alum has been used for hundreds of years for its deodorising and antibacterial properties. It provides a natural alternative to the aluminium-based products on the market. Many users, especially those with sensitive skin, often feel using a deodorant with natural ingredients, such as alum, less irritating”

Naturprotect is a more natural, yet highly effective deodorant that is kind to your skin. It contains alum – a natural mineral compound ­– that actively works with your skin to counteract bacteria and protect against body odours, whilst letting your skin breathe.


As with all Sanex products in the deodorant category, Naturprotect offers 24-hour protection, is alcohol-free and dermatologically tested.

Sanex Naturprotect will be available from August in two variants – one for normal skin and an extra gentle formulation for sensitive skin. (Aerosols: £2.29 rrsp/ 150ml. Roll-on: £1.79 rrsp/50ml)

*Source: Profes 2001, Delphi Research Findings 2006 & U&A Women deso France - 2003


Nicky Garvey
Sanex Media Relations
The Bottom Line Consultancy
T 01992 579990

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