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Ali G was right all along! Some women are 'FIT', and when they are 'FIT' both partners enjoy better sex!

With National Orgasm Day on Thursday 31 July 2008 and the findings of the 2008 Orgasm Survey are particularly relevant and well timed.

There is now unequivocal evidence that a strong pelvic floor is key to a better sex life and National Orgasm Day is the perfect opportunity to remind women that pelvic floor exercises bring real benefits in the bedroom.

The is ongoing but so far over 2000 women have shared their most intimate secrets and the key findings are:

* Nearly half of all women admit to not getting their fair share of orgasms

* The G-spot is not a myth - 75% of women claim to have one

* 25% of women don't think they have a G-spot and this group rarely achieve orgasm

* Women who claim to have a good pelvic floor have twice as many orgasms as those who don't

* 92% of women want to be shown how to exercise properly

* 82% of women reported a much improved sex life within 4 weeks when they were shown how to exercise properly using a resistance device

Why an Orgasm Survey and why is this relevant?

A strong and healthy pelvic floor is essential for good health especially before, during and after pregnancy, but the pelvic floor muscles are rarely exercised correctly because no one teaches the fundamental principles of effective exercise that were identified over 60 years ago.

A weakened or stretched pelvic floor muscle is a natural consequence of childbirth, the menopause and a lack of effective, regular exercise.

A weak or stretched pelvic floor muscle significantly reduces intimate contact during sex leading to fears of 'dysfunction' and frustration and dissatisfaction in both partners.

A weak or stretched pelvic floor muscle increases the risk of stress incontinence and prolapse. Stress incontinence - the involuntary leakage of urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing and exercising - affects a third of new mums and half of all women.

Demonstrating and publicising the positive link between a healthy and strong pelvic floor and better sex will

* improve the general health and sexual wellbeing of millions of women,

* improve and rekindle millions of relationships

* and reduce the incidence of stress incontinence

The 2008 Orgasm Survey was sponsored by Scarlet Magazine and SPM Ltd, manufacturers of the PelvicToner.

The Orgasm Survey is ongoing at

The PelvicToner (£29.99) is a registered medical device designed to help identify and isolate the pubococcygeal muscle and then exercise it effectively against a variable resistance. Full scale clinical trials for the treatment of stress incontinence are underway.

Consumer contacts:

Telephone sales 0117 968 7744


For more information and interviews contact

Sarah Hedley 020 7835 5554

Barry Fowler 0117 968 0171, 07768 233 670,

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