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And how you really can keep desire and lust alive in relationships,
once you discover the 4 Secrets

July 2008/London - According to Jungian psychology-trained therapists, Georgia Foster & Beverley Anne Foster (daughter and mother), there are four secrets to amazing sex and these are revealed in their co-authored new book, The 4 Secrets of Amazing Sex - your mind is the key to healthy sex and relationships, (book with hypnosis cd), £19.99, September 2008.

The 4 Secrets of Amazing Sex is an informative and inspiring self-help book written by two practicing therapists (UK and Australia) to enable readers to discover their authentic sexual self and the tool to becoming a Healthily Sexually Confident Person (not promiscuous) as well as learning to see sex and intimacy and ultimate intimate communication in a healthier light in the future.

Daily use initially of the accompanying hypnosis CD featuring 'Georgia & Bev', will help readers move on from past unfulfilling sexual or intimate experiences, and any negative self-sabotaging beliefs. Our MIND, inner thinking and learnt beliefs dictate how we think of ourselves as healthy sexually confident people, or not. The '4 Secrets' is not a book about sexual positions or sex toys, it's totally focused on helping you use your mind to discover how the '4 Secrets' interrelate with your sexual personality, the essence of who you are and how to keep desire and lust alive in long-term relationships in ways that support you.

The 4 Keys of Amazing Sex*, in order, are:

Seduction - this is the first secret and deals with how to sustain the heady passion you and your partner first experienced, or what you would like to experience. The season of lust lasts differently for everybody and it should eventually, in a healthy relationship, transform into a deeply sexually fulfilling relationship over time. It often doesn't because people lose the desire to communicate at the deepest level. This secret will show you how to bring healthy lust back into your every day life. When we lust after another person we first create the longing and desire for them in our mind – this can last, you just need to know the 4 Secrets.

Sensational Senses - the second secret is how to discover your naturally erotic potential with the Six Senses and how they affect your behaviour/responses and non-verbal communication. The Six Senses are sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell and ENERGY. The Six Senses are often overlooked through busy lives and stress yet without them sex will not be as amazing as it should.

Surrender - the third secret is about being in an environment where you feel truly safe to surrender and trust yourself to let go and enjoy being totally present in the moment, just as you maybe were at the beginning of a great sexually-charged in-lust relationship when all you could think about was your new beau. The authors are keen to add that not every sexual encounter has to finish with the Big O: this is way too much pressure for some people.

Reflection - the fourth secret will dictate your desire to want to repeat the sexual or intimate experience or not. This is the time when you reflect back on how enjoyable things were so you can learn how to communicate with your partner at the deepest level.

There are numerous Sexercises and sensory Games throughout each section to help the reader reconnect and discover new things. The 4 Secrets of Amazing Sex debunks the myths of sex as many of us know it and provides many new strategies. It is written in a sensitive, non-smutty style (genitalia is only mentioned 2-3 times and only in context) by two experts who in their daily professional lives work with clients on a regular basis on issues of lack of sexual confidence and lack of sexual self-esteem. In fact, the growing demand for this topic and education is the core reason why this unique mother & daughter combo decided to write this latest book together.

Readers will also learn about:
The Sexual Saboteur, The Sexual Pleaser, The Sexual Controller, The Limited Lover, Lazy Sex, Selfish Sex, Goal Orientated Sex, Enjoyable By-Pass Sex, the danger of Continuous By-Pass Sex and The Blame Game. And how anger, resentment, negative stress, alcohol, drugs and 'instant n high-speed living' are not aprodisiacs for amazing sex and happy relationships.

Beverley Anne comments, "We are all aware of the 'mind, body and spirit' trilogy yet we need to practice adding sexuality to form the essential Quadrinity of LIFE - Mind, Body, Spirit, Sexuality - in order for human beings to function optimally and to live healthy emotional and physically satisfying lives."

"Most people can have physical sex yet your healthy sexual self and self-esteem starts in our mind. This is the initial and powerful reference point for moving onto an emotionally-balanced sex life. Your mind holds all the keys. It's your role to discover them, and share them. Your keys are your unique sexual personality. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for this," comments Georgia.

*The 4 Secrets of Amazing Sex is based on Dr David M Reed’s theory called The Erotic Stimulus Pathway Map and the professional training of the authors.

The 4 Secrets of Amazing Sex is also a new One Day Workshop Programme which will commence in the UK from Saturday 11th October, price £275 which will include a signed copy of the book with hypnosis cd. Booking info: 0845 660 4396/


The 4 Secrets of Amazing Sex - your mind is the key to healthy sex and relationships, by Georgia Foster & Beverley Anne Foster, £19.99, September 2008 (self-published)

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About the authors:

Georgia Foster is a leading clinical hypnotherapist, Voice Dialogue trainer, trained in Jungian Psychology. She has two busy practices in the City and West London, where she treats sexual confidence/anxiety, overdrinking, overeating, smoking and self-esteem issues. She is also author of The Drink Less Mind and The Weight Less Mind (books with hypnosis CDs). She is now in development of a further book tackling Depression, using hypnosis, due for release in January 2009+. She is in development of a number of independent TV projects and products to augment her business/profile. Georgia was originally published with Thorsons in 2000 with her original book called Slim By Suggestion. She is now a highly successful deliberately self-published author and is a staunch advocate of this form of getting published. Georgia is available for comment on this aspect also for features. She is Australian, aged 42.

Beverley Anne Foster is a human sexuality & relationship consultant who trained in the US with one of the world’s leading professors in the subject, Dr William R Stayton. Beverley Anne is trained in Voice Dialogue a Jungian Psychology. She has presented her workshop ‘Releasing The Flame’ in Baltimore, USA at the annual AASECT conference (The American Association of Sex Educators, Counsellors and Therapists) and is a regular international speaker on human sexuality issues. Beverley splits her time between the UK, US and Australia. She is Australian, aged 69 and has been married to Richard for 48 years. She is also a Playwright and former actress.

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