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--Maritime Foods launches convenient Herb & Spice Blend range to add fresh-tasting flavours to your meals--

We’re spending less than 13 minutes in the kitchen(1) and sticking to the same old four recipes(2), yet most of us still crave delicious, fresh-tasting meals after a long day at work - without resorting to slaving over a hot stove or grabbing a ready meal.

Maritime’s six Herb & Spice Blends are set to launch as Tesco own label products in selected Tesco stores nationwide in August 2008, offering a convenient and instant flavour-hit to stir fries, fish, pasta sauces, stews and many other dishes. The Herb & Spice Blends maintain the freshness of freshly-cut herbs and spices, and just a small amount will turn an average meal into your signature dish of the week.

Simply grab a tube of your favourite flavour from the fridge, squeeze and stir!

The six authentic new flavours are:

• Aromatic Coriander Blend
• Delicate Basil Blend
• Fragrant Thai Blend
• Hot Chilli Blend
• Intense Garlic Blend
• Zesty Ginger Blend

UK-based Maritime Sales Ltd has spent more than 12 months developing this new product range, which is slightly smaller (less waste) and packed with even more herbs and spices than the major competitor on the market.

100% natural and packed with delicious flavour, the unique Herb & Spice Blends answer our growing need for convenient and fresh meal solutions. While cooking from scratch is something typically reserved for weekends, adding your own stamp onto pre- prepared stir fries or spaghetti bolognaise sauces enables people to be more experimental without having to worry about the amount of time they’re spending in the kitchen.

Maritime is forging ahead in its quest to make home-cooking fun, flavourful, authentic and most importantly affordable and available to all. The mouth-watering new Herb & Spice Blends make it possible to think outside the box and create delicious and original meals every evening with minimum hassle.

Tim Bertin, Managing Director at Maritime Sales, said: “People are looking for better quality, fresher-tasting, convenient products to help them create dishes to their own individual taste preference quickly and easily. Taste will always be the most important factor in cooking and eating, but time pressures mean we can feel limited in our choices for a quick and delicious evening meal. The Herb & Spice Blends are a convenient but natural way for people to be more creative in the kitchen with minimum fuss and zero mess.”

Maritime ensures that all of its produce meets highly exacting UK standards. With strong working relationships with growers and manufacturers throughout the UK and worldwide, including investment in a selection of growing programmes within developing countries, Maritime is able to source the best possible ingredients and ensure that quality is tasted in every mouthful.


Notes to editors

1. “There is also increasing consumer demand for convenience food, and a growing trend towards snacking and eating on the move. The average time spent preparing a meal in 1983 was an hour, but today it has shrunk to 13 minutes.”

2. “Britain's growing reputation as a nation of culinary connoisseurs has been set back by research which shows that most people have a cooking repertoire of just 4.1 dishes.”

Adding spice isn’t the only way to change an average meal into something special. Thinking about the authenticity of your ingredients can change a dish from mundane to mouth watering in minutes. Garlic and cucumber are perfect examples of this. Traditionally used in dishes such as tzatziki, Greek salads and other Mediterranean dishes, garlic and cucumber are renowned worldwide for their distinct, refreshing flavours and health benefits. Mini cucumbers and green garlic, a milder version of normal garlic, are seasonally available from Maritime Foods and sold in Tesco stores nationwide, enabling adventurous cooks to create mouth-watering dishes in the home.

Fun-loving cooks are also enjoying the mighty Spudzilla, thanks to its unique size and appearance, delicious flavour, health benefits and convenience. Weighing in at a mammoth 1.5kg, just one Spudzilla can feed a family of four – and also eliminate the age-old ‘peeling’ debate! This monster of a potato is, in fact, a sweet potato, which in recent years has become a staple for savvy cooks who love the spud’s sweet nutty flavour. The Spudzilla is rich in a variety of health boosting vitamins and nutrients, including skin friendly vitamin E, and vitamin C, ideal for growing children and fending off the winter blues. In addition, the giant potato is a dieter’s dream as it is low in saturated fatty acids, and ranks low on the Glycemic Index, meaning it provides a slower release of energy - keeping you going for longer. With the Spudzilla firmly finding its place in the market, even greater success is predicted for the latest range of delicious Herb & Spice Blends from Maritime.

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