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The Mentholatum Company has taken its OXY spot treatment and prevention brand back to the drawing board – to meet the needs of the UK’s 3.6 million young male spot sufferers.

The result is the brand new OXY range engineered to deal with the special challenges of thicker, oilier male skin. Now, says brand manager Jill Ritchie “the superb new range is the next generation of products, with its targeted formulations to meet all the needs of young men with spots, blackheads and oily skin.

She says: “The products look great, feel great, are kind to the skin and, most importantly, they really work. User trials have been an overwhelming success. It’s normally hard to get a surly, monosyllabic teenage boy to utter more than a grunt, but those taking part in the trials were keen to tell us just how much they liked the products and what a difference they made to their skin. We were particularly delighted with the response to new OXY Anti-Spot Balm, which converted our triallists to the idea of using a moisturiser!”

Dermatologically tested and paraben-free, OXY is the only brand to offer a comprehensive range formulated for boys and young men aged 11-24, with everything from a daily face wash to licensed medicines.

Jill Ritchie said: “The new range is designed to encourage boys to develop a daily routine to keep their skin clean, clear and spot-free at home and on the move. It also caters for those too lazy to spend time in the bathroom or in front of the mirror and offers both emergency products to tackle redness and licensed medicines for more troublesome breakouts.

“Boys admit they are embarrassed by spotty skin, but they do not want to use ‘girly’ products. They told us, quite rightly, that their skin was different and therefore it needed products engineered for their needs.”

Boys are different

Male skin is different because:

• The dermis and epidermis are thicker due to higher levels of the male hormone testosterone – so products need to be able to penetrate thicker male skin

• Male hormones impact on the healing process – so products must work with these hormones

• Male skin has larger, more active sebaceous glands, making it oilier - so oil control is essential

The brand new OXY range addresses all these needs and more, offering a total solution for young men with problem skin.

“There are products available at the moment to help kill spot causing bacteria, reduce oil, reduce redness or remove dead skin. But nothing did it all – until now,” said Jill Ritchie.

Four-way action against spots

When someone gets a spot:

• the hair follicle becomes plugged with dead skin cells
• sebum production increases but is trapped behind the blockage
• P. acnes bacteria multiply in the blocked sebum
• skin becomes swollen and inflamed

OXY’s four-way action tackles all four problems, creating an environment in which spots, blackheads and excess oil cannot thrive.

The wash, scrub, pads and wipes all contain Phycosaccharide ACP – a complex of an oligosaccharide – hydrolised algin from brown seaweed (Laminaria digitata, grown and harvested in a controlled environment in France) and zinc sulfate. “This really is a breakthrough ingredient,” said Jill Ritchie. “Phycosaccharide has not been used before in problem skincare and it has the benefit of being derived from natural sources, something which is becoming more and more important in skincare. It provides three of the four actions needed to tackle spots – it regulates sebum production, its antibacterial action reduces P. acnes and its anti-inflammatory action reduces redness.”

The fourth action – removing dead skin and clearing clogged pores – is carried out by keratolytic ingredients specially chosen for each product – lactic acid, silica particles and jojoba beads in the face wash; salicylic acid and exfoliating beads in the scrub; the textured fabric of the wipes, and lactic acid and textured fabric in the pads.

“We would like to see boys getting into a skincare routine using OXY Daily Face Wash and Anti-Spot Balm, which also contains Phycosaccharide ACP, every day, using the Scrub once or twice a week and keeping a pack of Daily Face Wipes in their school or sports bag to use when they are out and about. They can then tackle the odd big, badly-timed zit with Emergency Zit Blitz Pads or Gel. While the Benzoyl peroxide based licensed medicines, OXY On The Spot and OXY10 are there to take care of more serious breakouts,” said Jill Ritchie.


The new OXY range comprises:

Daily products:

• OXY Daily Face Wash – a refreshing, silky-textured, oil-free wash with fine particles to remove dead skin, oil, dirt and spot-causing bacteria

• OXY Maximum Face Scrub – an intensive cleaning and exfoliating scrub with two sizes of exfoliating beads, plus salicylic acid

• OXY Anti-Spot Balm – breakthrough technology to moisturise, control oil and help prevent spots and blackheads

• OXY Daily Face Wipes – for lazy boys who don’t want to wash in the bathroom, these exfoliating wipes embossed with polyethylene dots remove dead cells, dirt and grease and reduce redness

Emergency products:

• OXY Emergency Zit Blitz Pads –Targeted action for those troublesome areas to help clean away dirt and reduce excess oil

• OXY Emergency Zit Blitz Gel – shine-free and cooling gel which can be applied through the day and is designed to reduce the size and redness of spots in just four hours

Licensed medicines:

The only products to retain the same formula:

• OXY On The Spot – with 2.5% Benzoyl peroxide for mild to moderate spots and pimples, this is the only GSL product available on the fixture*

• OXY 10 – maximum strength spot treatment with 10% Benzoyl peroxide, this is a P medicine*

Pricing reflects the performance and look of the products and is in line with competitors, with prices from £3.99 for OXY Daily Cleansing Wipes to £5.99 for OXY Anti-Spot Balm.

Supporting the launch

Jill Ritchie said: “We are supporting the new OXY range with a £1.5 million programme of advertising and promotion aimed at boys aged 11-24 and their mothers. We know that boys and young men simply do not buy products themselves, but leave the purchase and often the choice up to Mum, so we are making sure mum will know all about the new range.”

Support includes TV advertising from October to March targeting programmes watched by mums and boys, including GMTV, Big Brother, The X Factor, Saturday and reality shows. A press campaign will run alongside the TV exposure and other activity includes advertising on key websites, social networking sites, Boots Advantage card statements, sampling at schools and sporting events and professional and celebrity endorsement. The website – – will also be relaunched.

* Contains Benzoyl Peroxide. Always read the label.


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