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The popularity of social networking and public blogging sites cannot be denied.

Go online and search for any subject, you will doubtless find someone, somewhere in the world, getting animated about it in their own words.

But there is also increasing concern about the very visibility of some of these blogs. We know of at least one high-level recruitment agency in the UK which routinely ‘googles’ candidates before putting their names forward for a position; and an embarrassing record, once entered on a public website, is pretty hard to live down.

Now a new online service gives users the opportunity to express themselves freely, and archive all the important aspects of their lives, in complete privacy and security, while still allowing them to share information if they wish; but by inviting others individually by email, they can avoid hitting the wrong 'send' button and accidentally sharing with millions of virtual friends.

It’s a website called Your Nutshell , a live and growing record of a member’s life - past, present and future - in a nutshell.

The site provides secure space for all this information with an in-built structure to make it easy and fun to record.

In Your Life in a Nutshell, there are hundreds of sample questions which, once answered, build a picture of the user’s own memories and family history. Pictures, video, sound, music and scanned documents can be uploaded to illustrate files in all of the website’s different areas.

Diary-style entries can be recorded in Your Year in a Nutshell under bespoke headings - such as dates, events or holidays, again with supporting media files.

Your Wishes in a Nutshell offers a way to record last wishes and ‘living will’ requests, in case of accident or illness, including personal messages to family and friends and informal bequests – even down to what the member suggests should happen to the family pet!

And, significantly in these times of global economic instability, there’s the facility to list financial records, with contact details and sums involved. Your Money in a Nutshell records assets and liabilities, and income and expenditure, whether regular or one-off. And the sums entered automatically populate a twelve-month interactive budgeting forecast which, uniquely, allows the member to make adjustments in certain fields and so adjust the figures for the rest of the year.

A vital resource to help us all manage our finances during the current credit crunch.

Your Nutshell can be used in any number of ways, examples of which can be seen on a testimonial-style page on the website. Some members use solely the financial and budgeting records, while others regularly enter ancestry and genealogy information along with diary entries, and share these securely with distant family.

It can be a useful tool when away from home, storing emergency numbers, uploaded maps, currency details, copies of travel documents – safer than a photocopy and accessible from a PC anywhere in the world simply by logging in, should a bag get lost or stolen while travelling.

And membership can provide a unique gift as members start Nutshells for new babies, recording first steps and words and archiving them for the future when a child is old enough to enjoy the website.

Your Nutshell is secure, password-protected at several levels and encrypted, and only members have access to their own files. But if there’s something they want to share privately with someone else they can grant temporary access to view single files, for as long as they set using a virtual calendar - whether that’s their social fixtures, a friend’s wedding with pictures, or family history files which others might help to complete.

Your Year, Your Life, Your Wishes, and Your Money. It’s all about you and your life - privately - in a Nutshell!

Please browse the website, and contact, 0845 272 2382 for full, free temporary membership for evaluation purposes.

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