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AUGUST 11th 2008


A new and individually tailored food intolerance test has been launched by food intolerance testing company specifically aimed at vegetarians. The product, Vegetarian FoodScan, adds an important wellbeing tool for those meat-free eaters who suffer ill health due to the food they eat.

Of the most common foods which contribute towards food intolerances, the top ten could all be part of a vegetarian diet. Of the personal and individual reasons for choosing a vegetarian lifestyle, 29% do so for health reasons but the foods eaten for health could be the springboard for misery and suffering. Only a proven and clinical test will give you the information you need to eliminate those foods which are causing intolerance.

At least 3 million UK vegetarians pump nearly £700 million into the vegetarian food market each year and it is on the increase. So too are the instances of food intolerance. The Vegetarian FoodScan aims to work on reducing the impact of food intolerance related illness. The test will identify the individual foods which could be causing ill health. Using organic food extract, it works by testing a customer’s blood sample against the food making up the bulk of the vegetarian diet. When a reaction occurs it shows the presence of food intolerance. It is effective, clinical and convenient.

BANT Nutritionist, Shelia Boyde Bsc (Hons) Dip. I. O. N.

“Ordinarily people think having a vegetarian diet would exclude them from some of the health issue that exists with non-vegetarians. However this is not always the case and I have seen that something as innocuous as sesame seed can cause anything from digestive to inflammatory conditions.

A healthy diet for one person can be poison to another so the best way to know for certain if your diet is causing negative reactions would be to take this new vegetarian food intolerance test and it could be the answer to your health issues.”

The need for the Vegetarian FoodScan intolerance test is important because it addresses directly the health concerns of millions of people in the UK. A tiny amount of blood is all that is required, which the customer supplies from home before it sending back to YorkTest Laboratories. Results are returned within ten days. By identifying the food through a clinical and proven method, you can alter your diet with help from YorkTest nutritional advice and support. The tests cost £265, tests for 91 foods and if no intolerances are found, £200 is refunded.


Recently, presented its food intolerance case to a group of MPs at Westminster including David Amess, Clare Short and Rosie Cooper. Entitled ‘Zero Tolerance: Exploring the Burden of Food Intolerance’ (available from the report outlined the potential financial savings to be made by the NHS and economy by adopting food intolerance testing, plus the opportunity to free-up GPs time so they can treat patients with more serious illness and essentially to the customer, a mechanism to get patients better.

-END-’s vegetarian food intolerance test works from a pinprick of blood which the customer sends away to a state of the art laboratory for testing.

The test identifies the actual foods which are causing a reaction and measures this on a scale of 1-4 (4 being the highest intolerance). Two nutritional consultations are included in the service and offer the customer every chance to eliminate and alter lifestyle to take in the new diet. This is not just a test, but a service, and according to UK’s biggest ever independent study into food intolerance, over 3 out of 4 people get better, with 68% doing so within 21 days.

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