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12th August 2008/London - According to Psychologist & Money-Management Expert, Christine Thompson-Wells, Author of 39 Steps & 39 Days to Debt Recovery - a concept and a system for Managing Your Money (available on &, £9.99 from 1st October 2008, Planet Press) the credit crunch could be a savings grace for people who are currently in a Debt Ditch and in need of sound recovery advice.

39 Steps & 39 Days to Debt Recovery will help ANYONE find doable solutions, FAST. "Once we take responsibility and give ourselves time to re-evaluate the whole situation we can see things in a clearer, less frightening light," advises Christine. "Keeping calm is important as it's our emotional state that interferes with our rational mind." The core strategy within 39 Steps & 39 Days to Debt Recovery is:

• Face the reality FAST
• Create a plan and a system
• Make the commitment
• Use, motivation, change, goals, reviewing your plans, setting boundaries and identifying your values about yourself and money
• Find a Money Buddy you can trust
• Seek to change poor spending behaviours/attitudes

'The Money Psychologist' advises, "The credit crunch will stop many debts from increasing! Now's the time to use your mind in ways to support you and clear the debt. Take a serious look at why the debt incurred. Create a doable plan and keep focused on what it will be like to live debt-free. Mental denial of the problem will be more expensive in the long-term. Learning to say 'no' and identifying the difference between a want and a need is both enlightening and empowering!"

It's the 'want' which is the childlike desire that craves for what it thinks will satisfy us, only to find that when we have acquired it, we are no longer satisfied and the need to repeat is created.

In her book Christine reveals the seriousness of how debt interferes with the congeniality of mind & body. She provides sound solutions for dealing with negative stress and urges extreme self-care.
There are numerous checklists, grids, charts and logs and plenty of proven strategies for keeping the 'Demons of Temptation' at bay!

Christine candidly shares her painful story of enforced bankruptcy in Australia in 1998. (see footnote). 39 Steps & 39 Days to Debt Recovery is a compelling easy to read book that definitely tells you what your best friend might not!


1. Don't let debt get the better of you. Face it, and commit to working to reduce it and through the experience of letting go of poor spending habits. Fact is, if there is debt with your name on it, you own it.

2. Debt is only about material possessions. You really can do without certain things and can restart again if you need to.

3. Debt is a no-bar prison - often a self-imposed prison sentence - the stress of being in this type of prison will shorten your life span: do everything you can to get out of debt jail. Become proactive in your thinking and in all your actions.

4. Try to speak about your situation with a high calibre sound-minded, non- judgemental, competent confidante.

5. Make plans for a future without debt. Work with your mind: your subconscious mind is the best friend and money guru you will ever have. When treated with respect, it only works for your benefit and your survival. When treated with neglect it will work against you for as long as the neglect is applied.

6. If you are in a deep financial crisis, give yourself an imposed Time Out Break (without expense!) to de-stress, find perspective and to make plans. Keep a money journal/ledger recording every expense and outgoing - the daily cappuccinos, unused gym membership, the wrong mobile phone tariff for our actual use - all add up!

7. We aren't always directly responsible for the debt we find ourselves in. Life can hand out some severe lessons without our assistance. However, if your name is on the debt you have to take responsibility for it and get out of the Debt Ditch.


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Notes to Editors:

Christine obtained her Triple Psychology Major Degree in Australia in the 1980s. She is a practicing Teacher and works in Adult Education. She began her career early in life, leaving school at 15 years of age to become a Florist. She knew at the time that her education was not complete and it was in the early 80s at the age of 37 years with two small children and husband that she embarked on a University journey that would last almost 12 years.

Prior to the John Howard Liberal Party era in Australia in 1996, she co-owned two successful Florist shops that are still flourishing today. She held the coveted position of Florist to the Australian Prime Minister for a year. It was at the onset of the 'Howard Era' and the recession in Canberra/Australia that led to an intense and extremely difficult period for Christine, lasting 4 years which culminated in her being declared Bankrupt on 1st October 1998. If allowed, deprivation of the soul can take place when all the material things that you have worked for are lost.

With the recession in a tight grip, Christine returned to the UK without her family to seek employment. It was at this time that she had a career epiphany and using her academic qualifications coupled with her natural ability to teach and educate, that she began to write books for children and adults on money, money skills and money management. Her passion is for education and she now enjoys a rich personal and professional life in the UK and is currently based in Berkshire. She also teaches in local schools and has worked in a teaching capacity with young offenders in UK prisons.

Christine was chairperson of the Curriculum Advisory Committee, Woden Institute of Technical & Further Education. She was Founder of the Floral Art Guild of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), was a Member of the steering group for Financial Capability at the Department of Children, Schools & Families – Department of Education UK and Head of Psychology at a Girls’ School.

She is founder of and

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