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Everyone in the UK is currently experiencing the biggest hike in fuel and food prices for decades, and all signs indicate that it's going to get much, much worse. And now, adding to the misery, are the water companies, who are also looking to jump on the 'bash the British consumer' bandwagon.

Give us a break!

As a global recession menacingly looms on the horizon, we in the UK can expect to see a sharp rise in inflation and a further slump in property values. But, on a brighter note, luxury goods like digital TVs are actually falling in price... due to a decrease in demand.

However, the real worries are the forever upward spiralling costs of food, domestic gas, electricity and petrol. All of which have dramatically increased in price over the last 12 months.

Despite obscene profits, the companies who supply the general public with power and petrol continue to lay blame on so-say production and sourcing costs, citing these as the real causes for the dilemma. It's no surprise that many people feel that these are nothing more than excuses in a feeble effort to obscure their sheer greed.

Now, all this price hiking and public fleecing is bad enough but when you take into account the derisory pay rises, which many public sector workers have been offered recently, you have before you an unhealthy recipe for civil unrest. And, although many people will speak out openly about these blatant injustices, many more will just grin and bear it. It's the British way.

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Finally, we might be able to do something about making extra money, but unfortunately we can do absolutely nothing about the Great British weather!

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