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To protect switchgear manufacturers and end users from potentially dangerous counterfeit components and the risk of economic loss, power factor correction capacitor manufacturer FRAKO is marking its products with tesa Holospot technology.

A world leading manufacturer of energy management systems that improve mains power quality, FRAKO enjoys a reputation for innovation and high value products. “This makes us an attractive target for professional counterfeiters”, says Hans-Georg Reinbold, Head of R&D at the company’s base in Teningen, south-west Germany. The company became aware of counterfeit copies of its capacitors being offered in the Middle East, China and Malaysia, alongside an unknown number of other capacitors which are also identical in appearance to the originals.

FRAKO believes the comprehensive safety concept offered (by tesa scribos GmbH| will provide an effective deterrent.

Piracy and counterfeiting cost UK manufacturers over £11bn each year according to figures from the Alliance Against IP Theft. Fake goods are becoming increasingly dangerous too. Counterfeiters are now using sophisticated technology to replicate electrical, electronic and automotive parts as well as tools and medicines. In the consumer sector drinks, washing powder, jewellery, toiletries and condoms are also being replicated.

“The focus of our newly launched safety measures is not only on economic loss,” adds Hans-Georg Reinbold. “Due to the poor quality of the raw materials used and inadequate production processes, fire and explosion hazards increase significantly by using cheap imitations. Additionally, the life expectancy of the products is only approx. 5 to 10 percent compared to our originals.”

Working in close cooperation with FRAKO, tesa scribos developed a suitable operation concept (based on the tesa Holospot®-System| which uses a special PET polymer self adhesive label that incorporates a data field with up to four independent security information levels within a miniscule area. The label can contain different open and hidden features – for example consecutive serial numbers, trade marks or other product specific information engraved with a high-resolution laser.

Each level presents a different degree of verification: ranging from readable to the naked eye through to recognition via a laser reader. Individual products can be given their own signature which makes them easy to authenticate, identify and trace at every stage of the supply chain: from manufacture through customs, to distribution, storage and stock controls - all the way to purchase by the consumer. These measures combine to offer a very high level of protection against the risk of counterfeiting.

Central to the effectiveness and long term success of the scribos Holospot system is an ongoing communication campaign introduced by FRAKO. This explains how switchgear manufacturers, distribution and trade partners can check the authenticity of components. “As a normal hologram can be copied relatively easily this solution was out of the question for us but tesa scribos convinced us that its Holospot®-System has been proven to overcome this problem (in a number of manufacturing applications| Our personnel, as well as our customers, can now clearly identify FRAKO capacitors. We expect a deterrent effect and consequently a massive decrease in the presence of fake capacitors in our market place”, adds Hans-Georg Reinbold.

Piracy and counterfeiting have become a mass phenomenon on a global scale. According to a study that was published in the year 2005 by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the worldwide loss amounts to around USD 200 billion and this is only the tip of the iceberg as it does not take account of domestic trade within several countries or digital piracy.


Notes for Editor:

tesa scribos® is (a specialist provider of innovative, customised solutions for protecting brands and products and preventing theft and
manipulation| The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of tesa AG – a leading global manufacturer of technical self-adhesive tapes for industrial and consumer sectors. With over 3,900 employees working in 51 affiliated companies tesa is a worldwide enterprise. In 2007 it achieved a turnover of €846 million.

FRAKO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power factor correction capacitors, power factor correction systems and energy management systems with its own product development. It offers competent consulting and project planning and complete system solutions for the visualization of energy consumption and to improve mains power quality.

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