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Left In The Dark - SYNOPSIS

Challenging the consensus view of establishment science has never been an easy task. Left In The Dark is the culmination of over fifteen years of independent research into some of the most fundamental aspects of human evolution and the true nature of our consciousness. Here, the authors present their theoretical framework for the evolution of the human brain, and its subsequent devolution from its peak state of consciousness, which they propose occurred sometime in our distant past. It is perhaps inevitable that it has taken two individuals outside the academic arena to see what successive generations of scientific specialists have failed to see – that the structure of our brains has become compromised and dysfunctional. Their non-specialist approach led the authors down a variety of paths, including participating in a ground-breaking study into sleep deprivation that produced unprecedented results. Their work here includes numerous citations of the existing scientific literature which significantly supports their theory.

Indeed, their proposed theory is so universal that it deals with a range of nagging anomalies such as handedness, savant syndrome, schizophrenia, fertility, sleep, peak athletic performance, superhuman function, and even mystical experience. As an example, the massive rate of expansion of our brains in our evolutionary past has never been adequately explained, now the authors of Left In The Dark present an amended theory of human evolution that finally deals with why our brains expanded so rapidly and why that expansion stalled. Their theory suggests that the initial evolutionary process that enabled hominid brains to grow so large was an internal positive feedback mechanism.

According to the theory presented in the book, a neurological biochemical positive feedback loop, facilitated by the steroid-inhibiting properties of specific plant compounds found in abundance in fruit, led directly to the extended evolution of the human brain. When we moved away from a fruit-based diet, flavonoids, and other key components of that loop including enzyme inhibitors, were removed, and the steroid-inhibiting mechanism briefly stalled before spiralling into a negative feedback loop that damaged the structure of the brain. The damage seriously compromised neuro-endocrine function, especially the pineal gland, initiated dysfunctional lateralisation of the cerebral hemispheres and, in particular, further affected the newly damaged left hemisphere. This, the authors propose, was the biochemical basis for the process that precipitated both the pinnacle of human evolution and consciousness, and the subsequent fall from grace.

In addition, the authors propose that, as a further result of the disruption of our internal environment by biochemical agents, the dominant left hemisphere has now become more and more damaged. This has led to the current situation of severe systemic dysfunction caused by the fact that the systems of the body are largely controlled by the damaged left hemisphere. Symptoms of this systemic dysfunction include today's ubiquitous malady - depression, a significantly compromised immune system function, and a largely incomplete sexual experience – one that rarely even offers glimpses of the heights of sexual ecstasy that a true right-hemisphered experience would offer.

Furthermore, their controversial theory also suggests that, as a result of greater exposure to testosterone, men are more neurologically damaged than women. In particular, older men, who currently run virtually every major institution on the planet, also happen to be the most neurologically damaged of all. In explanation of this fact, the authors suggest a damaged left hemisphere creates an internal experience of fear, which leads to a need to control – generally implemented with aggression. This explains why older men dominate the positions of power within our society but obviously leads to powerful questions as to whether they should be allowed such dominance.

Another key tenet of this revised evolutionary theory is the reassessment of role steroidal hormones play in the DNA transcription process. Historically, scientists have maintained that the DNA code itself is the primary determining factor in our development. However, steroidal hormones can cause significant variation in how our DNA is read and therefore, by implication, in gene expression. This is a never-before-considered variation on genetic transcription that rewrites the accepted inheritance mechanism. This variation in the way the genetic code was read compounded our biochemical imbalances and contributed towards the massive speed of evolutionary change we experienced in our distant pasts.

In Left In The Dark, the authors offer numerous pieces of research supporting the claim that human beings are run by a dominant yet dysfunctional left hemisphere to the detriment of a functionally superior right hemisphere. The assertion is that this left hemisphere dominance has led to a profoundly dysfunctional state of consciousness that provides an explanation for the global predicament in which humanity currently finds itself. This leads the authors to quite rightly question whether we are indeed at the pinnacle of our evolution, as many would automatically assume. Be under no illusion - this is a radical departure from accepted wisdom. Be that as it may, the book details the mounting evidence for a revised theory of human evolution, and includes equally compelling explanations for the tragedy of the fall from grace. Perhaps most audaciously however, the authors dare to suggest that there may be a path back to a blissful pre-fall state, if only we can correct some fundamental imbalances that have arisen.

In summary, Left In The Dark draws on a wide range of scientific disciplines including evolutionary biology, neurology, consciousness research, cutting-edge nutrition, and biochemistry. The authors provide a compelling and cohesive argument for the radical reassessment of mankind's evolutionary status-quo. Their research defines a new cutting edge in the consciousness and human evolutionary debate and, in the process, brings that debate to the masses with some astounding assertions that are truly revolutionary in their implication.

Left In The Dark offers a series of fascinating insights into the hidden nature of the lost function and true potential of our species. Tantalisingly, the book hints at the beginnings of a strategy that could be developed with the aim of returning mankind to its former evolutionary path, with all the glory and magnificence that would entail.

Given the radical and controversial nature of this material, it is perhaps incredible that so many leading academics from a range of disciplines are queuing up to recognise this book for what it is – an astonishingly powerful work of scientific inquiry that is forcing us to rethink the paradigm of reality to which we currently subscribe. This book provides a stunning exposé of the egocentric delusion we call modern life - be prepared to drastically alter your assumptions about the nature of current reality!

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