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PR ORA677 / September 13, 1999

Philip Crawford, senior vice president at Oracle UK, today warned that
there was a danger the UK would miss out on the 'e-business gold rush?
unless entrepreneurs receive the same encouragement and help as their
competitors in the US. Crawford said there was no scarcity of good ideas in
the UK, but that the environment for encouraging their transition to the
market was lacking.

"If you look at the Fortune 5000 global companies, there are a lot of UK
ones in there. We do punch more than our weight in traditional businesses.
But if we punch less than our weight in the internet economy, then there's
a danger we're going to end up as very minor players," he said.

To address this problem, Oracle is unveiling a 25 strong team to focus on
helping budding web entrepreneurs start up innovative internet businesses.
Oracle UK?s start-up team will operate as an ?internet hothouse?, offering
a dedicated business, technical and marketing resource focused on the needs
of e-businesses. It will offer a mix of technology solutions, consultancy
and advice on venture capital.

A key element of the team?s offering is a new Oracle product bundle - the
.com suite - which brings together elements of Oracle?s internet platform
technology at a reduced price, giving early stage companies a robust
infrastructure for e-business at an affordable price. E-businesses require
a technology platform that will not be overloaded as the volume of
transactions grows and a platform that will run an e-business 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week. Oracle?s internet platform built around the Oracle8i
database, delivers the scalability and reliability that the internet
demands and is already seen as the de facto standard database for
e-businesses. Of the world?s Top 20 e-business web sites, 19 run on Oracle.

Oracle has already provided the infrastructure for, a UK firm
which offers a form of loyalty points for browsing specific retail web
sites. Philip Letts, CEO of, commented: "Oracle is a database
that is designed to scale, and is well proven in the marketplace. Because
of the unpredictability of the internet, we needed a system that would be
robust enough to stand up to Internet use - for instance coping with 50
million people suddenly deciding to register for beenz. Oracle can do just
that. Additionally having the Oracle logo on our site only serves to
enhance our credibility even further."

The hothouse team will work with .com companies to put together an
e-business model which will prove attractive to the market. Timescales from
initial idea to going live can be relatively short, possibly only a few

Major alliances with business consortiums, venture capital firms and
hardware and software firms will give start ups access to general business
advice, from honing and developing the original idea to securing venture
capital and from legal, financial and commercial advice to hiring the right
people. Initiatives with other major internet players will be announced

Philip Crawford, senior vice president, Oracle UK said: "Few people are in
any doubt that we are on the cusp of a second industrial revolution, based
on the internet. Business people are told on a daily basis to wake up to
an e-business market that, in Europe alone, was worth $1.2bn last year and
will be worth $64.4bn by 2001 and $3,200bn by 2003. Everyone is talking
the e-business talk but nobody is telling firms how to benefit from the
?e-business revolution?. What we are doing is walking the walk - helping
existing firms change the way they do business and creating a hothouse to
grow the e-enterprises of the future."

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