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Vitazyme® is a brand new range of three 100% natural liquid supplements derived from fermented fruits and vegetables with additional active ingredients. An unprecedented 540-day fermentation process breaks the nutrients into miniscule elements at molecular level ensuring they are swiftly and readily taken up by the body. So you feel the effect very quickly... you could say it’s the next generation in nutrition.

There are three Vitazyme supplements respectively for Energy, Relaxation and Joints

Vitazyme® Energy – vitality for an active mind and body

Vitazyme® Energy is a powerful energy supplement that provides sustained energy levels all day. Vitazyme® Energy contains 51 different types of fruit and vegetables combined with the extra active ingredient Cordyceps Sinensis. This ancient rare mushroom has been used for more than 1500 years in the Far East as a supplement for maintaining energy levels, stamina, resistance and resilience. Vitazyme® Energy generates energy and vitality for body and mind. After just a few days most people feel the vitality returning to their body. In addition they enjoy increased mental focus as ‘woolliness’ and ‘brain fog’ disappear. For best results take two sachets a day for sustained energy.

Vitazyme® Energy is intended for people who are:

• Convalescing
• Finding it difficult to get their ‘five a day’
• In a mental dip
• Struggling to maintain concentration
• Under pressure to work long hours
• Feeling stressed at work and facing tight deadlines

Vitazyme® Relax – for a well rested and relaxed feeling

Vitazyme® Relax is a relaxation supplement. Vitazyme® Relax is a blend of 17 different types of fruit and vegetables and with three herbs that are known to make you feel well rested: chamomile, hop and Siberian ginseng. It gives a relaxed feeling and helps you unwind at the end of a busy day. If taken before bedtime it can help you relax at night too. Vitazyme® Relax’s subtle action then ensures that you awake refreshed in the morning and not feeling groggy.

Vitazyme® Relax is intended for people who:

• Find it hard to relax as they feel stressed or worried
• Work irregular hours
• Need to relax following a very busy day
• Travel and have to manage jetlag

Vitazyme® Flex – to help maintain flexible and supple joints for an active lifestyle

Vitazyme® Flex is a supplement for healthy joints. Vitazyme® Flex contains 19 different types of fruit and vegetables mixed with 1500 mg vegetarian glucosamine and 250 mg MSM. The glucosamine is vegetarian sourced and has been included in the fermentation process to rapidly increase its absorption.

Vitazyme® Flex eases movement by supporting the regeneration of cartilage in the joints. It often gives noticeable results quickly –the fermentation process allows Vitazyme® Flex to get to the joints quickly and anecdotally people find it works typically within one to two weeks.

Vitazyme® Flex is intended for people who:

• Have stiff muscles and joints
• Are older and ‘seize up’
• Are sporty and active to increase mobility and speed recovery from injury

How to take Vitazyme®

1) Simply cut open the 10ml sachet (10ml) and drink the liquid pure. However, if taking Relax at bedtime, dilute it in water for stomach comfort during the night

2) Pour the sachet’s contents into a glass and dilute it with water or a room temperature, non-alcoholic drink of your choice – smoothies and fruit juice work well

3) Or stir the sachet’s contents into a tub of yogurt and enjoy as a snack

How to buy:

The three Vitazyme® products are available in packs of 14 days’ supply at or by calling 0870 4583112. Vitazyme® Energy costs £23.95; Vitazyme® Relax costs £23.95; Vitazyme® Flex costs £19.95

For details of the fermentation process, ingredients of each product, further information, samples or images contact:
Katherine Selby, PR Workshop, 0208 657 4422

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