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Ambi Pur Wild White Rose perfume plug-in

In the fickle world of fashion, the big buzz at this time of year is ‘transitional thinking’, which in other words means connecting one season to the next - without (hopefully!) breaking the bank. Yup, fashionistas the world over are being challenged, once again, to create wardrobes which are sustainable enough to face up to the cooler months ahead whilst still trying to hold on to (and extend!) the last days of summer. According to TV’s interior design duo Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, “the challenges are pretty much the same as far as home style is concerned. However, by making sure you stay aware of late summer / autumn trends you can remain one step ahead of the entire neighbourhood thanks to our guide to all that’s good this season. Enjoy!”

The Buzz - Revitalise

“This trend is all about embracing the warming seasonal light and those gorgeous associated autumnal tones, so you can properly gear up in a cosy nest this winter. Opting for rich leather and nutty wood shades will help you capture the natural temperature of that warm golden brown feeling! Mix tones of camel, leather, rust, walnut and delicious pumpkin to satisfy the need for cosy cocooning. Blimey - it’s time to revitalise after all those hard days at the office! So dim the lights and spoil yourself with sensual flickering candles. Try Ambi Pur’s Winter Woodland scented candle, made with real perfume essence the fragrance is inspired by the timeless quality of natural wood – a great new scent from the expert in home fragrance. With undertones of ginger, leather and vetiver, Winter Woodland is a deeply vibrant fragrance that is sophisticated yet warm (£2.99 RRP, from all good supermarkets and independent retailers). Gorgeous!

“Always remember that your home’s aroma is a crucial aspect of home scheming; there’s no point going to all that effort if the stale smell of last night’s dinner is still lingering! Use home scents to bring the fresh fragrance of the garden into your home; doing this will revitalise the spirit and extend the feeling of summer even when it’s getting nippy outside. Wild White Rose is the new fragrance from Ambi Pur, made with natural extracts, and is a delicate and vibrant scent inspired by the indulgent fragrances of a country garden in full bloom; and it’s absolutely awesome. Imagine the best bouquet of sparkling white florals with the most delicious jasmine you’ve ever sniffed combined with lashings of lily of the valley, honeysuckle, coriander, green apple and sandalwood (£3.99 RRP, from all good supermarkets and independent retailers).

“Warmth, summer scents and luxury… in one aromatic package; the perfect revitalising cocktail!”

“Top Tip - NOW is the season to hit antique stores and markets to stock up on Art Deco. Wow! The dainty detail of all that understated decoration works well with the square lines of modern sideboards or display units - especially when you adopt a less is more approach and display everything in a ‘cool as you like’ gallery style.

“Classic English scents like roses mixed with exotic Far East orchids (inspiration found, for example, in Ambi Pur 3volution Heavenly Flowers, which is made with real perfume essence) will enhance the feelings of tranquillity. Ambi Pur 3volution is a revolutionary electrical plug-in that combines three alternating but complementary fragrances that are released in a continuous cycle, one after the other, every 45 minutes so you can always smell it (£7.99 RRP, from all good supermarkets and independent retailers).

It really is important to ‘understate’ with this one - a hint of the past, a few family memories and just a dash of exotic flowers should be all you need to reflect this season….”

The Buzz - Commune

“There’s never been a better time to explore spirituality and our relationship with the earth - especially in our most personal spaces. Just imagine crisp skies over chilled Nordic landscapes and clear azure seas to help set the mood for a home that’s imbued with cool blues, clear accessories and more blond timber than an entire Swedish bobsled team. Natural continues to flourish over neutral, so just add lots of mid tone timber detailing.

“The most up to date colour palettes are inspired by plants and mineral shades so use olive green, khaki and grey stone to get into gear.

“Traditional scents like Lavender are seriously hip again and will serve to soothe and extend your summer months well into autumn and beyond. Ambi Pur 3volution Relaxing Countryside has three alternating fragrances made with Lavender essential oils for a superior perfume to create a natural relaxing experience for your home.

“In essence, cool breezes, cinematic landscapes and friendly summer scents are all you need to completely commune this season….”


* These Colin & Justin tips are unique to Ambi Pur and can only be used in conjunction with an Ambi Pur editorial mention

* Ambi Pur 3volution plug-ins combine three alternating but complementary fragrances. The three fragrances are released in a continuous cycle, one after the other, every 45 minutes so you never get used to the fragrance

* Ambi Pur 3volution fragrances are made with pure perfume essence for a superior scent. Relaxing Countryside is made with Lavender essential oils

* Ambi Pur 3volution Plug-ins provide continuous fragrance for 90 days (if used on a minimum setting for 12 hours per day). Primary unit: £7.99 (RRP). Perfume Refill: £4.49 (RRP)

* Ambi Pur Electrical Perfume Plug-ins provide continuous fragrance for 80 days (if used on setting 2 for 12 hours per day). Primary unit: £3.99 (RRSP). Perfume Refill: £3.49 (RRP)

* Ambi Pur Scented Candles provide continuous fragrance for 25 to 35 hours, £2.99 (RRP)

* Ambi Pur products are available from all good supermarkets and independent retailers


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