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A Gloucester business man so fed-up with major roadwork’s that are affecting thousands of commuters into the City has today written to his local District Council to ask them to investigate the reasons behind the work and to apply for an ASBO to be served on the two people responsible.

The owner of a Gloucester business who has seen his commute into work triple in time over the last few months due to roadwork’s has today written to the Forest of Dean District Council to ask that they apply for an ASBO to be served on the two individuals responsible for the situation.

Andrew Barr runs a media company called 10 Yetis Public Relations, based in the City, and commutes with his business partner every day from Little London in the Forest of Dean into Gloucester City Centre.

Like thousands of others he has been affected by the recent A40 roadwork’s and is now calling for an investigation to take place.

Whilst it is accepted that the works must now be completed the concerned businessman is calling for an investigation to look into suggestions that the documents circulated to a select few areas outlining why the work was needed contained images that were computer manipulated to make the situation on the old A40 road look more bleak than was really the case.

The letter also asks why road-workers can regularly be seen to be asleep in their vehicles during peak congestion periods, a matter which is not helping the relationship between the workers and the commuters.

Mr Barr has said that should the investigation by the Forest of Dean Council find evidence of mismanagement and misleading information being put out by Gloucestershire County Council and the Highways Agency then an application for an ASBO be made to the local magistrates court to serve on David Sledge of the Highways Agency (A40 Project Sponsor) and Jo Walker of Gloucestershire County Council (Director Responsible for Traffic Management and Highway Maintenance).

The section of the Statutory Document dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour Order relevant in this case is: Part 1, Chapter 1, England and Wales, of the Prevention of Crime and Disorder Act (1998) – FULL TEXT SHOWN IN EDITORS NOTES:

Speaking about his call for action Mr Barr said,

“I fully accept that the work now needs finishing but it is vital that we discover if the information used to get the work agreed and underway was falsified in any way in order to prevent this from happening again”.

He continued, “I do think lessons need to be learned from what has happened and how we have arrived at the farcical situation where an entire community, and one which contributes greatly to the Gloucestershire economy, has been treated so poorly by the County Council that is supposed to be representing its best interests.

If this is the case then I think that the best way to prevent this from happening again would be to serve an ASBO on the two people involved”.


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT ANDY BARR, 10 Yetis Public Relations Agency ON 07743057458 or 01452 348211,


ASBO is warranted under Part 1, Chapter 1, England and Wales, of the Prevention of Crime and Disorder Act (1998) which reads as follows:

1. Anti-social behaviour orders

(1) An application for an order under this section may be made by a relevant authority if it appears to the authority that the following conditions are fulfilled with respect to any person aged 10 or over, namely—

(a) that the person has acted, since the commencement date, in an anti-social manner, that is to say, in a manner that caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household as himself; and
(b) that such an order is necessary to protect persons in the local government area in which the harassment, alarm or distress was caused or was likely to be caused from further anti-social acts by him;
and in this section “relevant authority” means the council for the local government area or any chief officer of police any part of whose police area lies within that area.

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