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Over a third of the public feel as if they are wasting their life and not fulfilling their potential both in terms of personal life and career, according to research of over 3000 Brits.

Recent research by a leading UK celebrity life coach has highlighted a huge national lack of confidence and happiness, with 36% of people claiming to be ‘wasting their lives’, and over a fifth of the public claiming not to attempt to better themselves for fear of ‘not being good enough’.

According to the results of the research, in which 3,252 members of the British public took part, a staggering 94% of us have issues with confidence in some aspect of our lives, from appearance worries to financial fears.

The research was commissioned by leading mind coach Joseph Clough of, who sought to investigate whether or not Brits are being their full potential, something he works with celebrities and members of the public alike to achieve.

39% of people claimed to have confidence issues regarding approaching people they’re attracted to, and 26% asserted that they would not go for jobs they were qualified to apply for because they didn’t feel they’d get the position on a personal level and didn’t want to be rejected. 94% of people said that they had confidence issues regarding their appearance at some point in their lives.

When asked “If you are not fulfilling your potential, what is the main reason?” 21% of the public answered that they ‘did not feel good enough’ to better themselves, something Joseph is adamant about changing. 11% of people said that they feared failure, and other reasons given included ‘time-management’ issues and ‘lack of motivation’.

Joseph Clough said,

“It is obvious from the results that the British public are affected greatly by confidence issues, whether it’s going for a better job, speaking in public, approaching people they are attracted to and more. It is my goal to teach people that this does not have to be the case, that confidence is a matter of believing in oneself. Everybody can be more confident, and strive for better; it’s just a matter of changing personal perceptions.”

“I work with celebrities and members of the public regularly who I teach to see their goal, whether financial, or careers based, and envision achieving that success, thereby reinforcing positive thoughts and ignoring negative ones. It is well documented that sports stars such as Jonny Wilkinson and David Beckham mentally rehearse their actions, which has been proved to reinforce the physical actions they perform, and has been shown to improve their accuracy.”

Joseph had the following advice for members of the public who feel unconfident or feel that they are not achieving their potential.

“When you wake up every day, write down 5 aspects of your life that you feel positively about. Every day for a week, as soon as you wake up, write the same five aspects down, and add one as and when you think of it each morning. Eventually, through writing them down, the very fact that you are concentrating on positive aspects of your own life should have you in a better frame of mind, and more willing to see the good in what you can do. You could try variations of this, such as by writing down 5 things you’ve done successfully in life to this point, or 5 things you wish to achieve in life, and repeat the process, again for a week, then see how you feel. By focussing on these points, you will subconsciously try to make the difference, and be on your way to achieving your potential.”

Joseph Clough is widely regarded as the UK’s leading Mind Coach. He has worked with chart stars, TV presenters, nobility, national journalists and members of the public to help people overcome issues such as lack of confidence, phobias, anxieties, eating disorders and more.

Joseph has just released his audio and e-book programme ‘Being Your Potential’, which features many more tips and methods he uses with celebrity clients to improve your confidence in life. His programmes, including self-hypnosis CDs can be found at


For further information or to interview Joseph Clough, please contact Rich Leigh, 10 Yetis Public Relations Agency on 01452 348 211 or


Joseph Clough has appeared in many nationals such as The Daily Express, The Metro, The Mail on Sunday and The Daily Mail to name a few.

Joseph is the resident life coach expert for Soul and Spirit magazine.

Joseph has written expert comment advice columns for women’s glossies such as Look.

Joseph is a Master NLP Practitioner, NLP Trainer and Hypnotist

Joseph has helped celebrities and members of the public alike recover from many issues, including depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, and phobias.

Joseph works with people to envisage their goals, whether financial, career or sports based success

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