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IBM today launched a dynamic line-up of UNIX products and
programmes for customers ranging from fast growing service
providers and "NetGen" companies to the data centres of
large corporations. IBM said this massive commitment will
vault the company ahead of Sun Microsystems as the leader in
UNIX technology and performance.

Specifically, IBM is:

using its innovative copper chip technology to deliver the
RS/6000 S80, the world's most powerful e-business UNIX

introducing a powerful "thin" RS/6000 server for fast
growing Internet and application service providers;

gaining widespread support from leading software developers;

extending AIX's leadership as a powerful UNIX e-business
platform and adding the ability to run most Linux

strengthening the RS/6000 SP with new, more powerful nodes;

opening four new Project Monterey porting centres;

as previously announced, merging with Sequent, the worldwide
leader in NUMA technology.

"When Unix customers look for the world's best e-business
solutions, they'll find them at IBM," said Rod Adkins, IBM
general manager of RS/6000. "IBM has new technology, new
products, new partnerships and a new attitude. We're serious
about Unix and we're going to prove it."

IBM is bringing together servers, technology, software,
storage, partnerships and financing in what the company said
was its most significant UNIX announcement ever.

Powerful products

RS/6000 S80: The 64-bit RS/6000 S80 uses up to 24
microprocessors built with IBM's innovative copper chip
technology to set new world records for Web serving, Java
performance and enterprise resource planning (ERP). The
RS/6000 S80 more than triples the performance of the RS/6000
S70 Advanced. IBM's 24 copper chips also surpass the
performance of servers from Sun that use up to 64
microprocessors. In addition, a Sun E10000 with 64
microprocessors and 64 gigabytes (GB) of memory costs about
50 percent more than an RS/6000 S80 with 24 microprocessors
and 64 GB of memory.

The S80, with its leading Web performance, is designed to
meet the rigorous demands of enterprise applications, such
as ERP, business intelligence and customer relationship
management, which are rapidly evolving to the Web.

IBM also introduced the RS/6000 HA-S80, a clustered version
of the S80 for customers requiring the industry's best
high-availability Unix solution.

RS/6000 B50: Code-named Pizzazz, the IBM RS/6000 B50 - along
with its companion, the Netfinity 4000R - is built expressly
for the needs of Internet and application service providers.
Its low cost, rack-mountable form factor along with
attractive terms and conditions are tailored to the needs of
these fast-growing businesses. At just 3.5-inches high, the
B50 fits easily into an industry-standard rack. B50 features
a choice of operating systems including AIX and Linux and a
variety of popular service provider applications such as Web
hosting, firewall, caching and messaging.

Complementing the RS/6000 B50 is an aggressively priced,
high-density storage subsystem, the 2104 Expandable Storage
Plus (ESP), code-named Oyster. With this new storage
solution, a single 5.25-inch, rack-mountable drawer gives
service providers more than 1/3 of a terabyte of data
storage, enough to store three floors of academic journals
at a university library. To ensure maximum uptime, and
provide uninterrupted growth, additional disk drives and
drawers can be added while the system is running. Redundant
power and cooling also is available. An integrated B50-ESP
solution is ideal where Web serving performance and storage
capacity are critical business success factors.

New RS/6000 POWER3 SMP nodes and T70 Technical Server: Both
commercial and scientific customers using the IBM RS/6000 SP
now can upgrade to even more powerful POWER3 SMP nodes.
Compared with their predecessors, the new nodes deliver:

four times the number of processors;

four times the memory;

eight times the peak memory bandwidth;

18 times the maximum disk capacity;

26 times the number of I/O adapters compared with their

These nodes are ideal for solving large scientific problems
or for complex decision support.

The RS/6000 T70 Technical Server uses the new POWER3 SMP
nodes in a compact form factor and is ideal as a
departmental server for handling numeric- and I/O-intensive
applications such as computer-aided engineering,
computational chemistry and seismic analysis.

Software support: In addition to IBM, more than 35 leading
software developers, including Oracle and SAP, are
announcing support for the new RS/6000 line-up.

AIX 4.3.3: Included in the new release of AIX, IBM's
top-rated UNIX operating system, is the AIX Workload
Manager, offering features derived from IBM's mainframe
servers. It simplifies system management for users who
choose to consolidate multiple workloads onto a single
RS/6000 server. Workload Manager uses a customer-defined set
of business priorities to direct system resources to key
workloads, allowing customers to smoothly manage
unpredictable demand, such as spikes in Internet traffic.
This will allow ISPs, for example, to manage quality of
service levels among different applications so they can
improve their compliance with service level agreements.

IBM also announced plans to deliver the ability to run most
Linux applications on RS/6000s with AIX 4.3.3 in the first
half of next year. This capability will be delivered as a
no-charge, open-source download.

Project Monterey: IBM will open a Project Monterey porting
centre in San Mateo, California this autumn. Three
additional porting centres - in Waltham, Massachusetts;
Hursley, England and Stuttgart, Germany - are expected to
begin operation next year.

Project Monterey is an IBM-led initiative to develop an
enterprise-ready, high-volume UNIX that runs on IBM and
Intel microprocessors.

At the centres, software developers may port and tune
applications for today's Monterey products including IBM's
AIX and SCO's UnixWare, and may also prepare their
applications for migration to Monterey for forthcoming Intel
IA-64 processors. IBM will outfit the centres with IBM
RS/6000 and Netfinity servers along with servers from other
hardware vendors.

Solution Series for ERP: IBM also announced today it is
extending its Solution Series for ERP - a two-year
performance protection plan for ERP software running on
RS/6000 - to ERP programmes from PeopleSoft and QAD. Under
this plan, IBM will provide customers with additional
processor or memory upgrades - or both - if a covered
RS/6000-ERP solution doesn't perform as agreed.

Merger with Sequent: On July 12, IBM announced it entered
into a merger agreement with Sequent. Sequent is an
acknowledged leader in systems based on NUMA (non-uniform
memory access) architecture. NUMA is advanced hardware and
software that allows large numbers of processors to operate
as a single system while maintaining the ease of programming
and manageability of a small system.

The completion of the merger is subject to Sequent
shareholders and regulatory approvals.


Editors notes:

About RS/6000

More than 800,000 IBM RS/6000 systems are in use by over
100,000 commercial and technical customers around the world.
The RS/6000 is IBM's family of computers that feature the
Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC)-based POWER family
of microprocessors and AIX, IBM's UNIX operating system.
RS/6000 products range in size and capacity from
workstations, work group and enterprise servers, to the
RS/6000 SP "supercomputer." From businesses working to
become more efficient and profitable, to governments and
universities seeking to solve the greatest challenges of our
time, the RS/6000 supports a wide range of applications and
provides the reliability, availability and price/performance
that today's information technology managers demand.

For more general information, visit the IBM RS/6000 web site

For more information about IBM and e-business, visit

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PR Manager, Systems Marketing Group, IBM Northern Region

01256 344689

Greg Mills/Emma Thompson on behalf of IBM

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