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Ancienne Ambiance ( expands its collections for Christmas 2008. With thousands of luxury gifts and stocking fillers out there, Ancienne’s items lets you step back in time with sophisticated items that stand out from the rest- the perfect treats for your inner Goddess/God, or someone else...

Ancienne Home Fragrance Collection: Luxury Scented Room Sprays
In direct response to clients asking for the Ancienne Luxury Candles in ‘Room Spray’ format, Ancienne’s new Luxury Room Sprays help to instantly apply fragrance in the air around the home and office. Perfect for lifting moods, they also help scent furnishings or create an ambience when expecting guests, and can be applied to napkins for events such as weddings.

Each Ancienne Luxury Room Spray is created using the same philosophy of high-quality formulation that Ancienne Ambiance has always stood by. With an exceptionally high content of fragrance, a single spritz or two, has enough diffusion to beautifully fragrance any room, unlike others that require constant spraying and aren’t long lasting. Created in France, using the finest natural fragrance blends, Ancienne’s Luxury Room Sprays are created naturally and are free from chemicals, harmful preservatives or fragrance boosters.

Elegant packaging reinforces the antiquity sensibility: each 150ml Luxury Room Spray glass bottle comes beautifully presented with signature Ancienne purple ribbons and includes hand-made Egyptian papyrus inserts, carrying the ancient associations and description of the scent as follows:

cypress blend: a reviving scent that encourages positivity
Greek goddess of beauty, love and fertility, Aphrodite was believed to have been born of the foam of the sea, on the coast of Paphos in Cyprus. This island was well known for cultivating the cypress tree for scent and fragrance. Mediterranean cypress oil has been blended with a soft hint of musk to create this fragrance, evoking the presence of this supreme goddess.
orange blossom blend: calms anxiety & restores energy
A classical pure orange blossom fragrance, floral and fresh. The orange blossom flower was a symbol of eternal love and fruitfulness from the Middle Eastern origin of Assur and used by the Sumerians. Considered a treasure of the Middle East, this fragrance was thought to combat anxiety, fear and unrest with its soothing and uplifting properties.
rose & lily blend: a sweet floral that balances & purifies
A blend of red rose and white lily petals, this fragrance evokes the very presence of Cleopatra VII, the last Ptolemaic Queen. This illustrious Queen was believed to be the personification of the Egyptian deity, Isis, the mother goddess and protector. It is said that from a young age she favoured bathing in a rose water infusion.
rose & jasmine blend: an intoxicating strong floral encouraging passion & romance
Red rose and jasmine – two of the most prized florals of the ancient world have been blended to create this fragrance. The Persians had an extravagant taste for fragrance, with many Persian kings sharing it amongst their court and concubines. It was said that King Darius III kept hidden chests filled with these fine scents.
cedar blend: an inspiring scent which is uplifting & warm
With the scent of freshly cut cedar-wood blended with fresh herbs, this fragrance evokes the lovely aromas found in the forest of Becharreh in Lebanon, home to the oldest cedar trees in the world. The Phoenicians believed the wood of the glorious cedars to be the sacred wood of the gods and used it to honour their ancestors, a task to which the ancient orient attached deep importance. The cedar tree was also thought to be an emblem of prosperity.
amber blend: sensual & comforting, particularly good for when experiencing menstrual pains or desiring a calm environment
A dry and soft aromatic, this fragrance has natural amber tones with powerful diffusive character. Ambergris resin was favoured by Roman Emperors and was considered rare and costly, found cast upon the seashore. The fragrance trade created an incredible frenzy in Rome, and the Romans used it with indulgence. Rome became the centre for perfumers who supplied the entire society, including senators and mayors, with divine blends of amber scents.

Priced at £20 inclusive of worldwide shipping, each 150ml Luxury Room Spray is available directly from, or by mail order line 0870 199 8958 from mid- October 2008.

Ancienne Organic Goddess Body Oil & Goddess Soaps
To enhance the popular Goddess Body Collection, Ancienne Ambiance adds an organic Goddess Body Oil, made using rare and costly Argan oil. Argan oil remains one of the rarest oils in the world due the small specific growing area of the Argan trees and lengthly process of labour intensive oil-extraction.

Produced in North Africa (once territory of the ancient Romans) for hundreds of years, Argan Oil is extremely rich in natural Vitamin E, filled with antioxidants and also contains Squalene, a unique and rare component which is suggested to protect against skin cancer. A miracle-worker for the skin, it can reduce the appearance stretch marks and strengthen skin elasticity. It is the ultimate ‘must-have’ treatment body oil for all skin types.

Used regularly, Ancienne Goddess Body Oil will work at diminishing stretch marks, improve skin vitality and keep your skin beautifully moisturised and looking its best. Ancienne Goddess Body Oil also prevents skin peeling, treats any skin irritations naturally, as it is chemical free and can also be used as nourishing after-sun treatment that locks-in moisture.

The main components of Argan Oil are as follows:
Vitamin E- A powerful antioxidant and excellent free-radical for the skin; Ferulic Acid- The most abundant antioxidant found in Argan Oil that helps prevent damage caused by ultraviolet light; Carotenoids- Natural protection for the skin from UV radiation and free radical damage, helping promote healthy skin and inhibit the growth of cancer cells; Squalene- A nutrient-rich oil and antioxidant, with the unique ability to anchor itself to the body’s cell membrane; Sterols (Phytosterols)- Compounds that helps to prevent skin aging, by improving skin metabolism and reducing inflammation.

Directions: use all over the body after each bath or shower. A little goes a long way- pour a small amounts into the palm of your hand and apply to the body. For best results apply when body is still damp from bathing.

Each Goddess Body Oil comes beautifully presented in decorative glass bottles, reminiscent of ancient ones, with signature Ancienne purple ribbons and includes hand-made Egyptian papyrus inserts, carrying the ancient associations and description.

Also complimenting the Ancienne Goddess Body Collection are new moisturising Rose and Lavender Goddess Soap Sets. Made from a 100% vegetable oil base, with palm oil, they contain only a natural colour pigment and fragrance. Each bar of soap is also enriched with Shea butter, which increases the soap quality and makes it softer and more pleasant to use.

Beautifully presented as a four bar set, they are individually wrapped in clear cellophane. Each 100gm rectangle bar set is presented as an all Rose, all Lavender or mixed set. These Soap Sets are perfect stocking fillers and will also be available in Goddess Deluxe Gift Sets- a large gift-box including Ancienne Rose Bath Salts or Lavender Bath Salts and large luxury candle (60 hour burning time).

The Ancienne Goddess Body Oil is priced at £38 inclusive of worldwide shipping for a 200ml bottle. Goddess Soap Sets (pack of four, 100gm bars) is priced at £12 a pack. Rose or Lavender Goddess Deluxe Gift Sets are priced at £55 each. All prices are inclusive of worldwide shipping and are available directly from, or by mail order line 0870 199 8958 from mid-October 2008. offers a complimentary Gift Wrapping Service and all prices are inclusive of worldwide standard shipping.

Ancienne Ambiance Website Enhancements
Winter 2007 saw the re-design and launch of the new web site. In redesigning the site, ClearPeople Limited, (the London-based bespoke website design and content management specialists) sought to reinforce Ancienne Ambiance’s original vision of ‘stepping back in time to an ancient temple’.

To add to its quick and user-friendly functionality, its ‘Reader’s Corner’ of educational articles about antiquity and expansion of gift items and accessories, Summer 2008 saw the introduction of a new ‘shopping bag’ functionality. While improving the secure online purchase handling of all orders, this has also created a simple and easy to follow structure for customers making their purchase.

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