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Algae Phytoplankton Investment Set to Cut Price of Omega 3 Essential Fat Functional Food Additives for Food Manufacturers.

London based Nutraceutical Company Eau+ latest investments look set to dramatically change the landscape of the functional food manufacturing market. With an ethical, sustainable, plant based alternative to fish oil long chain fatty acids Docosahexaenoic acid - DHA and Eicosapentaenoic acid EPA that is set to undercut the market fish oil price Eau+ look set to hold their lead as the cutting edge face of the functional food market.

Using more environmentally friendly, more sustainable, more ethical production methods than their bigger competitors, Eau+, manufacturers of V-Pure EPA DHA, have managed to corner a section of the market and carved out a substantial niche business in omega 3 products.

Increased Production, More Omega 3 Choice

Development of a major European fermentation facility will allow Eau+ to massively increase production output of phyto-plankton omega 3 oils to over 1,000 tons of oil per year. V Pure should now keep up with ever increasing demand for the unique, sustainable, functional food product. It will also allow Eau+ to provide a wide range of omega 3 potencies giving V-pure products greater application with 40 – 80% DHA and 10-50% EPA as well as range of combination oils.

UK Director of the V-Pure brand at Eau+, Tom Brudenell-Bruce said “We have been struggling to keep up with demand and are working hard to fulfil orders from all over the world for a range of cutting edge omega 3 products. There is no doubt that even in the midst of the credit crunch consumers are putting more value on both health and environmental issues and want what we have in the pure sustainable form that we have it. Eau+ is determined to leap ahead of the competition nibbling at our heels and deliver innovative nutraceuticals that will transform the functional food manufacturing industry "

Inspirational R&D for Food Manufacturing

Acquisition of a UK Research and Development company in the health and nutrition field will give Eau+ access to a market shaking portfolio of products and the technology platforms behind them. With the deal comes an extensive development pipe line and a management team who bring with them many years of experience in both the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Eau+ will acquire rights to market products including an Omega 3 formulation and a mineralised (high Calcium and Magnesium) palatable consumer drink. The Omega 3 formulation has been tested by a major bakery industry giant and supports recognised health claims in the finished products.

Revolutionary Huge Cost Savings

The remarkable cost effective savings afforded by the new unique omega 3 product will revolutionise the functional food market due to it’s viability in many more products. The patented emulsifying process protects the omega 3 product from oxidisation and heat. The result of this is that manufacturers will need much less ingredient to achieve the same level of essential fats in their finished functional food product. The nutrient could save manufacturers 30-40% on previous costs for a nutritionally enhanced dairy, pastry, pasta or bread product for instance.

The new V-pure product will enable viable cost effective solutions to fulfil a growing customer demand for essential long chain omega 3 fats in products such as bread, pasta, soy milk, ice cream, yoghurt, cheese, drinks or children’s sweets from a natural more consumer friendly alternative to fish.

Foods for Life Harley St. Nutritionist, Yvonne Bishop-Weston says “The awareness over the need for pure omega 3 products has dramatically increased although there is still a reticence associated with fish. Apart from the issues of environmental sustainability the idea of fish in dairy products has put off many consumers, especially those with vegetarian preferences, ethical or religious concerns.”

New Calcium Drink Beats Milk

Eau+’s new, patented mineralised drink provides more calcium and magnesium than milk, negligible calories and no cholesterol or fat. It is an attractive drink, aimed at figure conscious teenagers and women, children and also other sections of the community who need to supplement their mineral intake as part of a balanced diet.

“With more and more informed consumers turning their back on saturated fat rich milk there is also a huge potential dietetic demand for and easy and convenient calcium drink alternative” agrees Bishop-Weston.

Bespoke Nutraceutical Solutions for Food Manufacturing

Brudnell-Bruce points out that “Our new team and set up leaves us flexible enough, but with additional expertise, to assist manufacturers with products on their functional food wish list that we haven’t yet invented. The ingredient may already be in our research and development pipeline but we welcome input from the industry’s frontline heads of NPD so we can be sure we have exactly what is expected in the finished ingredient”


Tom Brudnell-Bruce - Director
Eau+ , 20 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DB
Tel: +44 (0)20 7436 2002
Fax:+44 (0)20 7436 6300


Tony Bishop-Weston –
Tel: 0871 288 4642
Fax: 08712884643

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